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  1. hey! Long time no speak! How are things? :)

    1. Tessa


      Lat, stop spamming everybody's profile =))

    2. lat


      hahah i missed everyone though! :D

  2. Your avatar... it makes me hungry. *_*

    1. enchanted


      lol yes cake is yum :3

    2. Melita_H


      And it's such a pretty cake too~ *_*

  3. Heyy enchanted how are youuu? ^^ We are almost caught up to your translations for SM Hunter and all caught up with Nocturne :3!

  4. Hi~ yay to us both working on SM Hunter! Let me know if my translations don't make sense -__-;

  5. hi~


    we're both working on sm hunter, so i just thought it'd be nice to pop in...


    i'm so thrilled that something's happening in the sm hunter forum!



  6. Back to slave away~

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. enchanted
    3. Tessa


      Yey! More Nocturne for me XD


    4. enchanted


      Ahh better work on the next chapter :o I've been procrastinating -_____-

  7. I will be "away" until February 2013. See you next year~!!!

    1. lat


      Hope you're having a good break!!! :D

    2. enchanted


      Aw thank you~ ^^

  8. Probably b/c it doesn't matter and probably won't happen. But it does make you wonder... why would out-of-staters even care? It's interesting though how Romney lost pretty badly in the state that he served as governor... You'd think the people still moaning over the loss would take the hint...
  9. Yeah... I saw a LOT of those "I'm moving out of the country", unemployment, downfall of America statuses My faves-- Person A's status: "Ms. A! My dad says we're moving to Iceland! He's so pissed Obama won!" Ms. A: "hmm... Iceland. I believe they had the world's first elected woman president. I'm sure your father will love it!!!" Person B's status: Just call him 2 Terms. Person C's status: Give Romney some credit, takes balls to refuse to concede when Fox News calls it for the President.
  10. hey :) welcome to EF! thank you for applying and good luck with your test!

  11. Hello~ Are you still in need of Korean translators? If so, I'd like to help. I'm fluent in both Korean and English. I've translated for a couple of scanslation groups before for projects like Goong, Pretty, Nae-soong 9th Grade Project, etc.
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