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  1. Shechan, chemistry is ew ew ew ahdueisfhsh In fact, I'm currently in chemistry Nope, I live with my parents. Next person loves Tail, love Tail not, loves Tail...and so on XD
  2. 47 oh really...We'll take advantage of the situation while we can
  3. 49...I have a feeling that sis got busted...again.
  4. 53 I'm finna hit the hay for the night so I'll leave the fort in your hands Udara
  5. Fine...*Gives JJ a super icepack* I am very very nice 5
  6. EHHHH?! It's nice Queen Tail, my lovelies~ Would you guys like some roasted rats?
  7. Awww Poor my little Elle :( I know school is a prison but look, your auntie's still alive and I got heck of a lot time to spare (because i'm procrastinating)so you should chill a little as well :P Work hard but your happiness is very important, dear. *HUGS*

  8. Ehhh we'll take advantage of her situation while we can Awww Udara, prepare your data and stuff I'll take care of things here sir. I have lunch in the next 20 minutes, anyways. 74
  9. Ahhh 3 and a half hours of school left :/ 77
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