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  1. Damn you, Shechan! Where do you think I'm going to find that -cock? Oh wells, I'll just use the K then... Kanda (D Gray Man) Also, shechan should look at my dp, I am an avid One Piece fan (for life) .
  2. Udara LOL what are you planning to do with me? Anything but eat me, I'm all bones >_< I'm hitting the hay, goodnight^^
  4. TRY AND HIT MEH Catch the chocolate with my mouth. Nom Nom Nom Throws an ATOMIC BOMB.
  5. Ehehehe what an introduction. XD Belated welcome to this gentleman/lady/whatever you are. May I ask, how old are you?^^
  6. Oh dear, you know your dearest is going to use offensive objects anyway, so why even bother? Also, you forgot to start the game!!! >_<
  7. 9 Heh, just admit it, you love me NYAHAHAHA! I kid. All the best to you on your test so I assume you're Chinese? Now, imma be nice for one day and let you slap^^
  8. There's no way the great Tail-sama is scared of you, Night. Also, since you're new here, why not make an introduction post so we can know you better? How is your translator test, btw? 7
  9. AND 0!!!!! We'll let Udara think of the complicated stuff >.< Lets celebrate our victory with juice! And, cakes!
  10. Ooh, looks like someone's quite hyper today :3 555555555555555
  11. 2 mmkay, but then again, I'd prefer a game that has teamwork and stuff. I can't think of any, though.
  12. Woot! Great guys! We'll leave it up to you, Udara^^ 5
  13. 9 Udara, ya double post :3 hm...A few I'm recommending are "Interview the person below you"/ "Lie to me" which you post 3 things about yourself and people guess which is the lie/or "What I think about you" which you post what you think of the person. e-g. ----I think the person below me is stupid. ------You calling me stupid? I think the person below me is gay. and so forth XD Also, "Throw an object at the person above you" I LOVE VIOLENT GAMES <3 OR, or "Tell a lie about the person above you".
  14. UDARA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!! My one and only trusting buddy... 15
  15. I assume it ends with a U, so... Uryu (Bleach) Oh, there goes another U...
  16. I assume Udara means 21 so it's 20 for me
  17. The only reason why i didn't post 9 is because I'm aware that the person who posts 10 will SLAP me NYAHAHAHA! SLAPS Alika!
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