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  1. Is this an illusion or do I see Tulvander? :o

  2. Huh? Explain what?

  3. I missed you bunches *Glomps back* Who's that emote for on the chat? :P

  4. Penny, get ready. I'll rape you after I rape JJ.

  5. Yes, I'm coming back to rape you, my sweet JJ. (hence why I'm *even* here if you haven't noticed my presence) Maybe I should quote what you said about letting me spoil >:D You can't take back what you've said MUAHAHA

  6. Happy burfday Hazel~

  7. *Grabs JJ* *Pinches cheek* I missed you.

  8. Did you really want to "stab" me boss ayne? XD I promise I'll wok faster from now on, please forgive my slowness :D

  9. *Pokes Neko* What is chapter 15a of DF in proofread?

  10. Sorry, I've been really busy trying to get my personal project done these past few weeks- it's due this week, yay. Anyways, I'll get it done soon, hopefully by the end of this week, don't worry.

  11. Oh look, a spam in the ongoing section of da forum ;)

  12. Omg, listener! I see you on the CB, bro! Why u no say hi?

  13. Hey Udara, I've been (practicing) writing like crazy for the state writing test that's coming up in 1 week. I was only asked to TS chapter 14 of NNB so i'm not sure about the rest hehehe XD

  14. *GLOMPS* Oh yes! I can't wait till your fully back! *dances*

  15. o_O I am, so you needn't to question my identity.

  16. Happy birthday Bri!!!

  17. Wrong... I am a cat with a special Tail. :3 I have all the characteristics of a cat. Refer to our family tree for more info :)

  18. Master, please don't kill me for those clones and redraws that i bombed >_< I tried to cover it up as much as I can eeek!

  19. Penny the cat...Remember, you are a family pet. I can chop you into pieces and make cat curry out of you if I wish :)

  20. Jiyun! Hi! Come join us over at the CB so we can get to know you :Dhttp://evilflowers.chatango.com/

  21. Stop complimenting me, I will kill you if you insist on doing that. ^_^ Just kidding~

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