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  1. Is this an illusion or do I see Tulvander? :o

  2. I feel slow Okay, I will go back to my little circle now.
  3. OH.MA.GOD. Dis is epic If you didn't say it was a nine-tailed fox costume, I would have assumed it's a Soul reaper costume XD Ms.Rosie needs some ears!!!
  4. 12 Come on now, someone's gotta help us pull otherwise it'll continuously be 12 and 13 over and over again.
  5. Huh? Explain what?

  6. 12 Sis, I thought you were on the other team? Or was it me....
  7. Do you ladies want some PIMPLES?
  8. I missed you bunches *Glomps back* Who's that emote for on the chat? :P

  9. 10 Well, isn't this easy... I double slap
  10. If there's anything in there that's more dangerous than my poison. beat that
  11. Wait, I forgot which way to pull Guess I'll just have to go with 10...
  12. Penny, get ready. I'll rape you after I rape JJ.

  13. Yes, I'm coming back to rape you, my sweet JJ. (hence why I'm *even* here if you haven't noticed my presence) Maybe I should quote what you said about letting me spoil >:D You can't take back what you've said MUAHAHA

  14. Happy burfday Hazel~

  15. *Grabs JJ* *Pinches cheek* I missed you.

  16. Did you really want to "stab" me boss ayne? XD I promise I'll wok faster from now on, please forgive my slowness :D

  17. *Pokes Neko* What is chapter 15a of DF in proofread?

  18. Sorry, I've been really busy trying to get my personal project done these past few weeks- it's due this week, yay. Anyways, I'll get it done soon, hopefully by the end of this week, don't worry.

  19. Ms.Rosie, and here I thought you were on my side. You're not going to graduate! 4!
  20. RAWRRR!! I swear you finna go down on the next slap, JJ! 1
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