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  1. Is this an illusion or do I see Tulvander? :o

  2. I feel slow Okay, I will go back to my little circle now.
  3. OH.MA.GOD. Dis is epic If you didn't say it was a nine-tailed fox costume, I would have assumed it's a Soul reaper costume XD Ms.Rosie needs some ears!!!
  4. Rape? Wait what? What did I do? *steps back*

  5. 12 Come on now, someone's gotta help us pull otherwise it'll continuously be 12 and 13 over and over again.
  6. Great Auntie Tail!!! It has been way too long

  7. Huh? Explain what?

  8. TAIL. we need to talk, I havent talked to you in forever and theres alot of things i need to explain that you might not like...

  9. 12 Sis, I thought you were on the other team? Or was it me....
  10. Never said I'd let you! Just said you would anyway. lol

  11. Do you ladies want some PIMPLES?
  12. *sobs* I m-missed -hic- you -hic- s-s-so m-uch.




    And it's for whoever.

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