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  1. Happy Birt.... jk XD how are you just came by to say hi because I havent seen you in like forever. T-T

  2. HI wolf it seems like forever since we last talked so I just wanted to come by and say HHHIII XD

  3. Hey XD I just wanted to stop by and say hi because it seems like forever since I talked to you and sadly for some odd reason I dont remember ever talking to you O_O. XP me and my horrible memory.



  4. *raises hand oh oh me me. Actually I don't think i qualify I just wanted this post to look less empty XP
  5. 13 XP sis this game has been dead for awhile
  6. Sis said you wanted to talk to me?

  7. Neko? Would you be willing to teach me to be a typesetter? Please?

  8. poke, you should have stayed and waited for an half and hr. T-T

  9. poke, you should have stayed and waited for an half and hr. T-T

  10. chargerwong


    Welcome to EF I hope that you will enjoy your time here. XD
  11. Wish granted you are ungrounded but you cant use any electronics in replacement of being grounded I wish that I will make it into the dorms
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