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  1. hey!! omg what a hectic weekend i just had!! *facepalms bed but then realises i cant as i have to work* *cries more* i will come on CB this week! wahhhh~ hopefully will catch you on!! hows it going? :)

  2. *cries* Going to sleep after 3 laptop crashes have made me want to set my computer on fire.

  3. hha dont worry its chatango :) link to my profile: http://latchan.chatango.com/

  4. I feel like a derpstick for this but um....*sweat* What's CB? *facepalm* I haven't run around on forums or chats except DeviantArt in quite a few years. There's all this new fancy stuff like shoutboxes & chatango and I'm going "WHAAAT!?"

  5. i dont think i can view PSD files though >.< *hopefless work PC* so send me PNG? Ill try and look XD though if its just questions thats fine XD hehehe I can help more later tonight when im home :) I'm UK time ^.^

  6. heheh sure :) I am on CB- though im also at work (muahahah) so if I vanish that's why ^.^ you can add my username so we can private CB (easier for me at work too) It's latchan

  7. Hehe, thank you so very much. :) Are you on Chatango right now? It might be a bit easier to ask there. I'm working on the first part of the test right now and I don't want to miss something you say because I'm too focused on PS, lol. :)



    Ah that’s great :D im glad you’re doing good with it! Yeah I get frustrated when my laptop dies on me too *garhh* and it’s even worse when it’s new! Ehehe Sure, feel free to ask me anything ^.^ cheesecake is the main editor recruit person, but if you need to ask me anything I am fine with it :D



  9. I greatly appreciate your offer to help! Chances are, I will be taking you up on it, haha. I have a text file open with a bunch of notes I'm making about questions to ask, lol. The tools are easy...it's knowing if I'm doing the right thing that's hard!

  10. Haha, so far so good. While PhotoShop is different from PSP, I worked with PSP from the time I was a preteen so I have a pretty good handle on most things. Black/White levels were the only really new concept, and I've got the hang of them. My computer (which is only about 4-5 months old) crashed TWICE tonight, though, and that made me want to set it on fire, lol. Thankfully I'd saved re...

  11. - Don’t worry- you’re not foolish :) It can be really confusing! Aw I’m glad it made you feel better ^.^ You don’t need to be nervous I promise ^.^ hehe yeah Kaze Hikaru is loved XD Let me know if you need help with your editor test- you can PM me or post here :D

  12. *bow* Domo arigatou! :) I feel so foolish, I actually got confused on how to reply on your profile, haha. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I've been nervous, but that made me feel much better. I promise, I'm doing my best on my test! Apparently there are a LOT Of people dying to get their hands on Kaze Hikaru so I have to hurry and make sure I don't let them down! :)

  13. hey :D Welcome to EF!! good luck with your editor test! :)

  14. Hi there! I wanted to post here and ask a few things (and present my case) before applying for a position. Basically, I didn't want to apply if it would upset someone. It says that the group is still looking for a Cleaner/Editor for Kaze Hikaru, and I would be very interested in helping with that project as it is my absolute favorite Shojo manga, and it would be an honor to help bring it to other people. However, I'm new to Editing/Cleaning, and while it says you guys don't want newbies, I thought I'd plead my case. First of all, I taught myself how to use Paint Shop Pro at twelve years old, and did a fairly good job of it. I also taught myself web-site coding (HTML & CSS), Photo Shop, and general computer maintenance. Because of my ability to teach myself things & learn from the internet, I believe I'm more than capable of learning the skills needed as an Editor/Cleaner. I've already been pouring over everything on Editing I can find online and have learned much in just a few days. I also have obsessive compulsive disorder, which makes me very, very aware of little imperfections in pages, even in official, paid manga. I'd also like to note some of the tools/skills I have at my disposal that I think make me capable of doing the job: I've been working with graphics programs heavily for around 12 years. I started on Paint Shop Pro, but swapped between PSP and Photo Shop depending on my needs. I've used Photo Shop exclusively for the past few years. I own a Wacom (graphics tablet) & can use that for various needs in cleaning, redrawing, etc. I think it would also allow me to put some nice touches on special effects. I actually drawn anime/manga style characters on my computer. So, I think what I've learned from drawing myself will help me be diligent and precise when touching up pages. I also think that my tablet will help since instead of drawing with a mouse, I'm basically drawing with a pen. I'm a complete perfectionist. While I can't promise that my work would be perfect, as I said, I'm obsessive compulsive, and I'm never more OCD than I am about my own graphic work (as I mentioned, I draw anime/manga style characters, although I'm always still learning and improving. I also do pixel art and light graphic design), so I can promise I would give 150% to this project. As I said, it's my favorite Shojo manga, and as such, I hold it in such high esteem, far beyond my own work. I have multiple sclerosis, and because of this I can't work. I won't get into the details (However, I promise I'm not just a leech. I'm trying to find treatment that works so I can finish college). However, this means I'm at home, constantly. I have A LOT of free time to dedicate to the project, so I won't be limited on time and won't have to try and fit it into my schedule. I can make the project a priority, and can get chapters finished in a thorough, precise, timely fashion. So, in closing, I am basically asking if you would consider an inexperienced Editor/Cleaner if I can prove that I have the ability (I'd be more than willing to provide sample pages I've worked on while learning, as well as take the tests). I also wanted to ask how exactly the group defines "Editing". I've found groups that consider an Editor the same as a Cleaner, but without Typesetting. From my understanding, what you are all looking for is someone to do pretty much everything listed in the "Idiot's Guide to Editing Manga" from prepping and cleaning, to editing and typesetting, correct? For the record, I am more than willing to all of those jobs, and after reading through the different How-To's and guides on many pages, I really think I can do the job. But, I wanted to be sure before I submitted an application, as I don't wish to be rude or make anyone upset. Also, while I really want to work with Kaze Hikaru as I'm so passionate about the series and know it so well (I would feel comfortable as an Editor because I know the style of the graphics and whatnot), I did notice that the group is still looking for a translator for KH. So, if you are willing to let me be an Editor/Cleaner, I'd be willing to work on another project (I don't know any of the other series, but I'd be willing to learn about them) to work on that as well, while the group tries to find a translator for KH. I'd also be willing to work on KH & another project if asked. I'm very passionate about manga in-general, as my "dream job" is to be a Manga-ka. However, I'm American and OEL manga isn't very popular, so that will probably never happen. Thank you for your time and consideration. Arigatou!
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