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  1. mengyaaaaaa!!!!! check your PM!

  2. hey mengya, just PMed you :D yay!

  3. hey mengya! long time no speak XD how are you? :D

  4. heya :D is it ok to re-upload vol 5 links for BOY please? So sorry I didnt download them (I thought i had) and they are now erroring XD I need to send them over to the PRer :) thanks!! :D

  5. Hey! hope all is ok :D Managed to grab some internet in romania heheh how is work going? :D

  6. It's okay. Everything is sort out now. That is all it matters. Thank you for writing to me!:)

  7. Sorry about the credits page for BOY. I don't know what happened. We'll release version 2 today.

  8. hehehe :D Amsterdam was wonderful thank you! It's good to be back home though :) I just replied to your PM- sorry my reply is very long! ^.^ I got all the pages you wanted/needed :)

  9. Oh, wow! That fast! How was Amsterdam?




    Well, I am almost done with translating BOY volume 8, could update me on the couple items I mentioned to you on my last email.Thanks.



  10. Hey :) I'm back from holiday now- so if you have any questions, I'm back :D

  11. That's no problem :) If you need anything, feel free to contact me :) I've just sent you a PM about Bird Of Youth- thank you so much again :)

  12. Thank you for letting me join the family and bear with me while I get familiar with everything.

  13. Hi :D Welcome to the team!!! Thank you so much for applying :)

  14. Hello, I was wondering if you still need Chinese translators. I was born in China but moved to the United States at a young age. I am fluent in Mandarin and English and I could read a little bit of Traditional Chinese. I have no experience translating for scanlation groups, but I do have four years translating experience translating for small business firms. I would like to join your group because I love the projects that your group have released and currently working on. Could I take the test, please? Thank you.
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