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  1. oh wow that's amazing- what instrument(s) do you play? I think I would try the piano as i love it, and also I played it when I was younger. I didnt get very far, but I was better at piano than i was at string instruments! Thank you :) I should try!!

  2. I'm majoring in music, and I switched my major a couple years ago from programming. Both aren't quite the right fit for me, but I'm a senior now, so I'd might as well plow on ahead.




    You should go ahead on learning an instrument. Playing music's a huge stress reliever for me. And you seem pretty intelligent. You might be more able to wrap your head around learning ...

  3. what will you be majoring in? Japanese? I majored in psychology :D it was really interesting ^.^ but in hindsight, I probably would have done things differently too xD hehe but I'm starting now with learning new things :D First is Japanese!! hehe then I may try a musical instrument... but I was really terrible at school... so maybe not XD

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. I wish I'd started learning all kinds of things earlier, then I probably would've majored in something else, too.

  5. hahaha XD Yeah I get a bit like that sometimes! I feel like time is passing me by! nooooooooooo XD but it is possible! If I can do it, anyone can xD hehe I wish I had started Japanese earlier though!

  6. You're 24...... you graduated SIX years ago... and YOU HAVE TWO DEGREES!!?? What world are you living in where all of these things are possible.

  7. oh amazing!! congratulations!! XD don't worry- there's been a few exams I've thought I'd bombed in the past, but it turned out ok :D fingers crossed!! hehe I wish I was still at school (*reminisce*) I left 6 years ago xD I've done uni twice (Undergraduate and Masters degrees) - I'm only 24 but I'm feeling ollllllddddd xD

  8. Yeah, I got an A in Japanese *0*, but I ditzed out on my other class D; and mixed up the day for the final. It's safe to say that I bombed that one.




    When does school start for you?

  9. that's ok :D hope your finals went well ^.^ ohhh that's awesome about your Japanese- good luck :D Let me know how it goes :D

  10. Sorry I've been MIA. Just had my finals yesterday, and school's been kicking my ass. But I'm back in action now.


    I just had a final for my fourth semester of Japanese, and I'm going to be starting 415(5th semester) in a week and a half.

  11. oh wow! good luck with your Japanese :D I just started learning it myself XD Sora( our Head Japanese translator) is my teacher! We live close by in London you see :) I'm not very good at the moment though- hopefully will take JLPT 5 next year XD how about you? :)

  12. Awesome. I'm taking Japanese 202 this month, and we're going break-neck speeds... Gotta study for a vocab quiz tonight );

  13. awww don't worry- that's completely fine ^.^ We have a few chapters of Mei-chan to finish off anyway, so we're behind with the editing :)

  14. Yeah, I just got Mei-chan. I've been slacking though. I'm probably gonna end up putting out a chapter every two weeks... I feel like I need to apologize to people waiting for that manga to get updated.

  15. ahhh that's a real pain when that happens >.< I was speaking to Sora(Head J TL) about that and she said some manga is so jargon-y and slang like, that they are really awful to TL >.< Have you managed to find anything since? :)

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