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  1. I have a TS in training who doesn't have a project. You took most of it. Surrender a chapter to me or find me one 8D

  2. Tessa: *sigh* I guess she's not. Do you have someone for this? Gotica is doing the 2 extras [part 4 and 5]


    Me: Errr... Is this for me? If so, it makes no sense. @[email protected]

  3. Yup. I think so. That's what I thought too. There might be some extras in the end?

  4. Sure, but please don't overwork yourself!

  5. If you still want it back, that is.

  6. Never mind. You can have SM Hunter back. She decided she doesn't have time for EF.

  7. Is shechan still going to typeset Steady Study? She hasn't turn in any chapter for a while.

  8. Why not. Let ayne QC it. You TS pretty well anyway xD

  9. Happy Belated Birthday :)

  10. I know, but that doesn't change the fact that she is a cleaner unless she recently passed her TS test by someone other than me o_o

  11. She's a cleaner...

  12. No worries. I just want to make sure you're still with us.

  13. I think I found an editor for SM hunter but won't start until July. Is it okay I give v6+ to him/her?

  14. Yea, you have to click the download link directly from a EF site, or else it will prevent you from downloading anything outside of EF. It's what x5ga set up so others won't steal our download link.

  15. It's still uploaded on the FTP, so you should be able to download it by changing the link to Dear_Waltz_v07_ch24_Raw.rar.

  16. That doesn't mean I want to drink, lol

  17. Tail sort of retired...

  18. I have someone in mind, so don't worry about it ^^

  19. It just means that we got your test. I sent a message to Missery about you. She will check your test and send a message to you about your result later.

  20. Do you still have the LQ raw for masca the beginning? If so, can you please post volume 2 on the forum? That way, Sepia can continue to translate it. Thanks!

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