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  1. No Spanish group asked our permission for Full House Kiss and Angel Shop and I can't look those up to make sure no Spanish group is scanlating them, so I guess we can grant you permission for those two. As for Okitsune no Hanayome, we can't give you permission for that one because as neko said above me, it's taken by Himitsu Paradise. Anyway, please remember to link your website back to us!
  2. According to our database, you're the first Spanish group asking us re-translation request for Steady Study. You have our permission to re-TL this manga. Please remember to link your website back to us~!
  3. Status: 1 Volume (Complete) Mangaka: TAMURA Kotoyu Genre: School Life || Romance || Shoujo Joint with: Chibi Manga Translated into French by: MagicScan Translated into Italian by: Scarlet Night Scan Will be translated into Spanish by: Traducciones May
  4. How is real purple coming along?

  5. If you're interested in translating one of our projects into another language, please read these rules, and then start a topic in this re-translation request sub-forum using the following format: Rules: Provide a link from your website to our website. Retain our credits page. Credit us for anything you use from our work, such as raws, translations, and edited scans. One group is limited to 3 of our projects at a time. We will only give permission to one group per language to use our work for re-translation. If the group working on a particular project becomes inactive or drops that project, we reserve the right to give permission to another group interested in working on that project. If you choose to re-translate a joint project, you will need to request permission from our joint partner(s) as well before we can give you our permission. We do not give out cleans (PSD file). You will have to work with our edited scans (PNG file). Please do not request from our upcoming/future projects until we have released at least one chapter from it. We can only give permission to chapters that we've done.For example, if another group did chapters 1-5 and we did chapters 6-10, we can only give you permission for chapters 6-10. Form: Name of the project Target language Name of your group Url of your group Example: Dear Waltz English Evil Flowers ‎www.evilflowers.com/‎
  6. We won't be providing downloads to our newest released chapters until 2 days later

  7. I'm not sure who the mysterious man is because the author didn't say who is is, but she did mention couple things about him on this page: http://reader.evilflowers.com/read/masca_the_beginning/en/1/4/page/40
  8. Status: 3 Volume (Complete) Mangaka: Nakahara Aya Genre: Comedy || Drama || Shoujo Translated into Spanish by: Dark Paradise Fansub continued by Dangoline no Fansub
  9. Status: 4 Volume (Complete) Manhwaka: LEE So-Young Genre: Fantasy || Mystery || Romance || Shoujo Will be translated into French by: MagicScan Will be translated into Italian by: Maniac Checkmate moved to Unmei no Yume Translated into Spanish by: Takuma Usui no Fansub
  10. Can you please TS OK first before TQK? Ok is more important. Thanks!

  11. Hi Otaku101, I'm glad you're interested in this position. Our trial period is for us to get to know you better, so do drop by our Chatango often. http://evilflowers.chatango.com/ Also, do you have any previous experience of managing forums?
  12. Happy Birthday, Ani-chan~

  13. Oh okay. How about TF ch5?

  14. It's okay. Life comes first :)

  15. I'm poking for more TL for HnR please~ o:

  16. Do you want to work on something else while we find a new TL for PG?

  17. Can you please PR OK next? Thanks.

  18. Basically moderator will be doing anything non scanlation related duties. You don't necessary have to do all the responsibility listed below. Qualification: Be ready to active and spend time on the forum and/or visit chatango (CB) often. Willing to help. Have fast response time, which mean we would prefer to communicate with you though IM(CB or Skype), not PM. Have previous experience of managing forums Responsibilities: Spam controls. Deal with all the people that are new on the forum, have patience with them and make them understand our rules. Report people that don't respect the rules to the admins. Recruit on Batoto and Manga Update. Write release announcement. Additional responsibilities later on: Make releases. Rules: Will not talk about our upcoming release. Will not share our QCed/ready for release chapters to a 3rd party. Need to inform us if you're going to hiatus or semi-active for a while. Will be demoted if you went MIA 2 weeks without prior notice. Don't abuse your power. If violated any of the rules above, you will be demoted immediately. Benefit Able to read couple chapters before they are released. To apply for this job, please leave a post here or send me a private message, explain to me why you want to become a support staff, and why you're qualified for this position. If you've read the lists above and understand them completely, remember to include your username for your Chatango or Skype account and a list of your favorite projects.
  19. (continue of the one before) action. Btw, it looks like we're going to release this weekend. Will you be able to QC at least 2-3 chapters? And you're okay with the support group?

  20. I only looked at couple pages. It looks decent so far because the s/he used online raw so you hardly need to edit it. But b/c it was so easy, s/he only did minimum works. It needs some leveling because s/he used light gray brush to clean the bubble, cropping, and resizng for some pages. We can still use it, but someone would need to fix it. Fixing it should be faster than redoing it as long as you

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