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Project Comments posted by Cheesecake

  1. Hello, 

    First of all, I'd like to say how thankful I am for your efforts in this project, and I would like to encourage you to continue with it :D I think that you are doing amazingly. I am relived to see that it's an ongoing project and not a dropped one, I look forward to the next update.


    (I would like to volunteer but I don't speak Japanese and my mothertongue is not English so I don't see myself as being really helpful u_u)

    Thank you for your support! We have 1 chapter ready to be release. We're just waiting on our joint partner to decide when to release it.

    There's always a way to help. Have you consider learning how to clean or typeset? There are a lot of helpful guides out there to learn. I posted couple of them in the editor recruitment thread if you're interested in becoming a cleaner or typesetter.

  2. OMG OMG!! I´ll die I´LL DIEEEE!!  thank you soooooo much!! TuT , I was waiting for a long long time to see an update, I will be waiting silently again, thanks for you work!

    You're welcome. I love to read Masca as well!

    We're quality checking the next chapter. Hopefully we will release it soon :)

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