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  1. Oh no! Looks like some certain somebodies are plotting again. Project Status - Go here to see how we're doing Donations - Every dollar counts! See here for more info about donations. Click on the button further down to donate Recruiting - Recruiting every position except proofreader! Come join us here: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/forum/126-recruitment/ Release: Evyione v10 ch52
  2. Thanks, and we will definitely finish this project til the end!
  3. Thank you for your support! We have 1 chapter ready to be release. We're just waiting on our joint partner to decide when to release it. There's always a way to help. Have you consider learning how to clean or typeset? There are a lot of helpful guides out there to learn. I posted couple of them in the editor recruitment thread if you're interested in becoming a cleaner or typesetter.
  4. Hi there. We're definitely looking for cleaners and typesetters but I am not sure if we have any trainer available. I've included couple helpful guides you can use. I suggest you to keep on practicing. That is how all of us learn how to clean/typeset. The tests are on the first post of this thread. Read the instructions when you decide to take it. Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to let us know. Helpful guides: http://www.insidescanlation.com/etc/The-Idiots-Guide-to-Editing-Manga/guide/main.html http://senbonzakura.kageyoshi.net/ http://www.redhawkscans.com/forumdisplay.php?44-Scanlator-Tutorials
  5. You're welcome. I love to read Masca as well! We're quality checking the next chapter. Hopefully we will release it soon
  6. Welcome! I bet you that one of them is KT007 ;D
  7. When I have the ability to see the future, I will let you know when we will release a new chapter U_____U Atm, it's in the translating process.
  8. Me too and I'm glad you enjoy reading it! I can't wait to read what happened in the end
  9. Try InfraView. View > Display option > Fit window to image then it will display the image in its full size. You can also view the PSD files that way.
  10. I'm fluent in English and Cake. Yes, Cake is a language for cakes o:
  11. Hi there, We already gave our permission to Kuroi Hana Fansub to translate Gokko to Spanish, but it looks like they have not release anything for almost a year. Since I do not speak Spanish, can you please send them an email and include us in it to ask if they are still active? If they are inactive or don't respond within 1-2 weeks, ask us again and we will give you permission to re-translate it to Spanish. Thanks evil.flowers.group@gmail.com
  12. There's a tie xD
  13. FEED ME!
  14. We're desperately in need of Japanese translators. It is ok if you don't have any experience. As long as you can translate well and follow the instructions on how we format the translation then you should be fine. Good luck!
  15. Status: 11 Volumes (Complete) Mangaka: Haruta Nana Genre: Comedy || Harem || Romance || School Life || Shoujo Joint with: Girls' Generation