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  1. Stardust_Wink_v11_PRECL View File Precleaned by Nevi from StarryHeaven v11 ch48, 49, side story 1 & 2 Submitter SoRa. Submitted 10/01/17 Category Editing  
  2. Stardust_Wink_v10_ch46_47_side_story_PRECL View File Precleaned by Nevi from StarryHeaven. v10 ch46, ch47 & side story Submitter SoRa. Submitted 10/01/17 Category Editing  
  3. Stardust_Wink_v10_ch45_CL View File Cleaned by Nevi from StarryHeaven Submitter SoRa. Submitted 10/01/17 Category Editing  
  4. Stardust_Wink_v10_ch44_CL View File Cleaned by Nevi from StarryHeaven Submitter SoRa. Submitted 10/01/17 Category Editing  
  5. Stardust_Wink_v09_ch43_CL View File Cleaned by Nevi from StarryHeaven Submitter SoRa. Submitted 10/01/17 Category Editing  
  6. SoRa.


    OMRK_v06_ch29_Raw View File More to come! Submitter SoRa. Submitted 07/30/17 Category Raw  
  7. SoRa.


    Masca_v04_RAW View File Finally uploaded! TLer, please split into chapters. Thanks! Submitter SoRa. Submitted 07/29/17 Category Raw  
  8. SoRa.

    We're back online!

    Woohoo!!! Thanks for all the hard work guys!!! <3
  9. Hi Airspear~ How's the NNB chapter coming along? x

    1. Airspear


      ;; I'm sorry, I haven't gotten the chance to start it. Can you give me until next weekend? I'm still trying to figure out how to college time management. But if I can't get to it then, you can give it to other translators

    2. SoRa.


      That's okay dear, I'm not rushing you, just seeing where you're at~ We still need to get 2 more chapters done before your one so you at least have another month :D

    3. Airspear
  10. Chinese Translator Recruitment now OPEN! Please post here if you are interested.
  11. Happy birthday, kokocake!!!! <3

  12. Happy birthday, miso~~<3

    1. Misodare


      thank you sora~~~ <3

  13. @ Miyuki-chan and alenkaco Great to hear you guys like Stardust Wink too~ I'll be getting the proofs done soon so hopefully it won't be too long till we get the next chapter up
  14. Happy birthday, Uriel!! ;3

    1. Uriel


      Thanks, Sora, it was a great day!

  15. SoRa.

    Happy birthday, nephew unie~ :D

    1. Unie


      Thank you! Thank you!!

  16. SoRa.

    Happy birthday!!! Hope you're having a great time in Japan with your boyfriend :D

  17. Happy birthday Airspear!!!! Hope you have a great one~ xoxo

  18. SoRa.

    Hi everyone!

    Hi Sakura~ Welcome to EF! I hope you enjoy your time here with us How did you find the N2 test? I did mine a looooong time ago and I found it really fun ;3 I've been thinking of taking N1 for a long while now but still haven't had the chance to study for it -___- Hopefully one day I'll have the time to do so What are you working as in Japan right now? Awwww <3 if only everyone thought that way, we wouldn't be short of translators all the time xDD Thanks for applying!
  19. Happy birthday exp~<3

  20. SoRa.

    Happy birthday, Ani~! :D

  21. Happy birthday, Sugah!!!! Have a great one <3

  22. Moshi mooooshi~ how's galism coming along? :D

    1. Misodare


      sorry~~ I've had a lot of things come up this past week so I couldn't get to it, but I'll get to it asap~! It'll be ready soon :D

    2. SoRa.


      awww thanks dear <3 :D

  23. Yuu-chan, please check your PM asap. Thanks

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