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  1. heya!! :D How was your xmas and new year? :) are you around again now? :D january yay!

  2. I missss youuuuuuuuuu

  3. LAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take me to your countryyyyyyyyyy oni91/> oni91/> George is so cute..
  4. GAH!! *gasps* O.O Spelling error! *deletes "I'ts"* *fixes "It's"* hehehe. Sorry about that ;D

  5. Thanks smilllllllle~ ^^ I'ts very nice to meet you too :3 Let's both do our best!

  6. hey~ nice to meet you :) i'm going to start translating in maybe 2-3days from now.I've been busy with holiday preparations! I'll have a bucket load for you before it hits january! take care~

  7. Hi Smile :)


    I'm the new PR for OMRK :3


    Looking forward to working with you~

  8. hehehehehe -3- i missed you too!


  10. thank you!! <3 I've told Tessa about kumiho and checked and it's still yours :) It's under my team so I haven't given it to anybody <3 hehehehe so excited! we can also continue our PM! :o YAYYYYYYYY

  11. I just messaged Tessa regarding omrk! I think my other projects were taken by other translators T^T.. I will rip through omrk... haha Lat!!!!!!!!! be back soon~

  12. KYAAAAAAAAAAA *chu* <3

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