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  1. Hello. I am back. I would like to try this test again. I won't fail again. So can I take it again? PLEASE!! This time I see the goal in mind I will do it! I will get it right this time . Alright, enough smiles. In short I would love to try again for the QC-er position. I would still love to help you guys because you are my favorite scan group. Sincerely Mystic Lyric
  2. Hello everyone, I am back again

  3. Gonna go for proofreader!!

    1. listener


      Hey! Good luck with it!

    2. shechan


      good luck~! and hey, listener... you're not doing the test?^^

  4. So I just wanted to get your opinion of various "American" anime; and I will say this, anyone who bashes "Avatar: The Last Airbender" or "The Legend of Korra" will make me very sad. So.... what do you think?
  5. Possibly by the ghoul they had refused to deal with because it was a ghoul and not a ghost.
  6. So excited! Just finished my QCer test fingers crossed that I pass

  7. Never one to miss a free meal, Carlios suddenly appeared among the TAPS, eating and demanding right along side them, and it took the village a moment to notice.
  8. "I think they need serious help." the doctor said, after spending an afternoon with them.
  9. Getting frustrated with how imature both of the twins were, the villagers sent for a wise man to come and counsel them.
  10. This Game is SUPER simple, but a lot of fun. To Play all you have to do is write ONE sentence after the last one posted. The condition is that you must start your sentence with the next letter in the alphabet from their first letter. For example: "And he fell down the side of the mountain, in a somewhat graceful way." " But Jill knew from the way he landed that he would bread his crown." You cannot write 2 sentences in a row, but you can reply to whoever replies to you. So I will Start. Attalia knew just looking, that this was going to be the most difficult challenges of her life.
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