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  1. Camels

    *_* starting first year at uni in a few days. Not sure whether I'm excited or nervous XD.

  2. Thanks and allllllllright

  3. I'm so sorry. I'm finally back home with a proper computer and internet now >_<.

  4. Camels

    Thanks for wishing me a happy birthdayyy and sorry for the late reply. >_< I didnt have access to wifi for a long, long time.

  5. Thanks for the happy birthday :D sorry for the super late reply, i was steanded with no internet for a long time while vacationing



  6. Camels

    Haha, so summer break makes up for all? I guess so, but you do get so lazy over these months of freedom. (At least I do D:)

  7. Woah, I just realized you're a fellow Canadian (:, hello theere!

  8. Camels

    Thank you thank you~ it's just English tho, hopefully it shouldn't require much studying...(feels like I'm already starting my summer break haha)




    Yeah :D - I'll try to finish Ch.3 asap~

  9. Camels

    Aw you must be tired then xD.


    Yeah (: that sounds goood. This is one of the more interesting mangas I've read recently... heheh. I just finished my second last final~ one more to go!

  10. Camels

    Haha, so how are you?

  11. Camels

    Kekeke (: helloo.

  12. Camels

    Hi :D. No problem, the art is absolutely gorgeous. *_*

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