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  1. Yup, I'm better. I got over the sickness in just a few days. After that I just got caught up in the holidays and haven't been able to get my translation work ethic back. :P

  2. Hahahaha, no problem. I had 3 or 4 projects until a month ago, but I've been really really slow lately so I'm cutting back to get down to just 1 project for a while until I can handle more again. :D

  3. No reason in particular. I'm just curious and making conversation. ;)

  4. From a professor at my school: Tout ce que tu peux determiner à propos de la date de fin d'une thèse de doctorat c'est le mois ou l'année mais pas les deux en même temps.

    1. Tronny


      (All that can be determined about the completion date of a PhD thesis is the month or the year, but not both at the same time.)

    2. Melita_H


      Haha, that's awesome. XD

  5. Happy birthday Alstro-chan~~


    What are you working on now that DC is over? :3

  6. For Steady Study: It has no deadlines and thus is placed at number 4 in my to-do list (see signature). That means it could take 2 or 3 weeks. As you can see, I have plenty to do between the MTL board, other reTL/rePR stuff, and my own projects, so if you have a willing TL who wants to do these then I certainly won't mourn the loss of that work.

  7. (message got cut off)


    hasn't had time to sit down and write a response. Either way, be patient and you'll get your answers.

  8. For Pika: As a rule, if you post on the MTL board then a TL will get to it. There's no danger of it going unnoticed... I get e-mail notifications of new MTLs, so I usually see them within a couple minutes. If you don't hear back right away then either your TL request takes time because it's large or difficult or your translator is busy in real life and hasn't had time to sit do...

  9. Yup. Just don't give her ch1 (I've started it) and let me know which chapters she's doing so I don't do them too.

  10. Tronny

    Awesome, sounds good. By the way, it seems like a lot of the staff like this author, and I remember seeing a few of her works in this list http://evilflowers.com/ipboard/index.php?/topic/1608-tessas-list-of-hq-raws/. Just something to keep in mind for the far far future when we're ready to pick up some new projects. ;D

  11. Tronny

    Aww, thanks so much! I'm really glad to hear that! :D




    I just notice Neko's last post below... I'm ahead of schedule on my projects for once, so I could TL the extra if the Edo Karuta TLs are busy. :3

  12. Hey pikori! Don't grab the SKS ch03 cleans yet!!! There's an ordering issue that's being sorted out.

  13. Awesome, thanks for checking it out for me!!

  14. Tronny

    I looked at the Edo Karuta raws and the first story is adorable. I didn't expect to like it, to be honest, but it's really sweet. However, I currently have 3 projects plus a one shot I offered to do for Ayne. Soooooo if this is still unclaimed by the time I finish Oyayubi Hime (TLing the third last chapter now), I'll take it on. Feel free to get another JTL, though, if someone else...

  15. Tronny

    Haha, yeah, I've been watching the J/K/C recruitment thread and getting all excited whenever I see a potential JTLer. :P

  16. Tronny

    Cool. I think it could be fun. :) My only preference would probably be that they have good english, so I'm not trying to teach two languages, haha. :P

  17. Tronny

    Ahhh, I see. That's too bad about the new recruits, although actually I wouldn't mind training if it's just one person at a time... in the end it's all about total volume, and it takes me way less time to fix someone's work than to do it myself. *shrug* The trainee might go crazy though, doing all that work just to have me tear it apart, haha. Oh well... :P

  18. Tronny

    No problem! I'm starting to feel lonely as a JTL though... is it just me or are we low on active JTLS? There were people posting to the recruitment board for Japanese a few weeks ago, but they all disappeared... do you know if they all failed? Or maybe they just never submitted the test? *sigh*

  19. Hi! Good luck on your JTL test! I hope you make it!

  20. Tronny

    Hi lat! I'm doing well. Just working away on a few things. :3

  21. Yay, a fellow Canadian! Good luck on your test when it gets PMed to you! :D

  22. Sure, that sounds fine. :)

  23. Hello to you too! :D

  24. Really sorry to send a billion messages, but my last one got cut off. If you don't want to use my TL, I totally understand. And if you'd rather have Sora re-translate the two chapters I did, she's welcome to use my translations as a starting point and change them however she likes (no sense retranslating from scratch). I don't care, so just let me know.

  25. Tessa gave me a choice between NNB and a couple other projects when I was fishing for jobs on the forum.


    I didn't pay attention to who was leading the project, or else I'd have talked to you before I started. And it definitely didn't occur to me that it would be seen as stealing the project from Sora. I figured I'd just do a little until she came back. If you don't want...

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