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  1. Happy Birthday, Tronny! :)

  2. Let's finish SKS this year/summer. Yea?

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Nekomikoto


      Did you ever update the script with the cover translations? :3 just wondering~~

    3. Tronny


      A good question, lemme check.

    4. Tronny


      Updated now. :3

  3. lat

    happy birthday tronny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. happy birthday!~

  5. That's good! Hope you had an awesome Christmas and a splendid New Year. :D

  6. Yup, I'm better. I got over the sickness in just a few days. After that I just got caught up in the holidays and haven't been able to get my translation work ethic back. :P

  7. Are you feeling better?

  8. Are you feeling better?

  9. Hahahaha, no problem. I had 3 or 4 projects until a month ago, but I've been really really slow lately so I'm cutting back to get down to just 1 project for a while until I can handle more again. :D

  10. oh, hahaha. =) sorry, my bad. I really lack interpersonal skills. =( i gather you have many projects at the moment?=)

  11. No reason in particular. I'm just curious and making conversation. ;)

  12. thank you for the greeting! :)) i am now working on Torikae Fuukaden, though i'm still waiting for the translation of the second volume. so i'm practically not editing anything nowadays.:) why? is any project in need of a PR?

  13. From a professor at my school: Tout ce que tu peux determiner à propos de la date de fin d'une thèse de doctorat c'est le mois ou l'année mais pas les deux en même temps.

    1. Tronny


      (All that can be determined about the completion date of a PhD thesis is the month or the year, but not both at the same time.)

    2. Melita_H


      Haha, that's awesome. XD

  14. Happy birthday Alstro-chan~~


    What are you working on now that DC is over? :3

  15. Roger that! Thank you Tronny :D

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