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  1. Hazel

    Happy B-day (:

  2. lat

    hiii! welcome to EF :D thank you for applying :)

  3. Soul

    I totally claimed first comment on your profile. MUAHAHA. Hiya!

  4. haru


    HELLO to you, too!
  5. haru


    Neko! Are there really a lot of cats here?) Cool. I hope I do get to be part of the staff here, too. Maybe someday~
  6. haru


    Sora~ yup, from CB I hope your brain gets better. hahaha. Just sip from a cup of tea and relax //zen mode listener, there are several cats here, huh? //strokes them all~ I hope to get to know you, too on CB I'll try to catch you online there! haha Happy memories await us all!
  7. Hi! I'm just posting about my favorite shoujo story of all time...BOKURA GA ITA! So the art wasn't really appealing at first, but the story had so much DRAMA that it keeps you hanging onto every episode. I remember not being able to study much for my exams 'cause I couldn't keep my eyes off of the anime o_O Although there was a lot of this drama, there was so much love between the main characters. And it makes you want to keep hoping that things would get better soon. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. But it makes me love the characters even more, for being so real~ They depicted what could possibly happen to a couple with a guy who apparently has unresolved past issues with his ex-girlfriend So the story's continued onto the manga. It's complete now; I can finally be at peace Anyway, having paid homage to my favorite anime/manga, I'd like to know what your thoughts are on it, too. I don't mind if you didn't like it that much. I just wanna hear other people's thoughts on it, too. It's interesting viewing things in a different perspective
  8. haru


    it's a late post, but yup, I've watched this! Both seasons, in fact. At first, honestly I was after the bishies, but then it was the story that really kept me hooked. The twists, battle scenes, the goodbyes Do you guys know if the anime was really based on Japan's history? (I mean aside from the supernatural part)
  9. haru


    heeeey lat, anne, and ani, thanks for the luck. I need it! haha and soul, I'm sure I'll have a blast here especially with the great manga and also the nice people here and ooh we have a cat here~ hi x5ga!
  10. haru


    Hi Rae~ Thanks for the welcome! And you're right, there are soooo many shoujo mangas that are too darn cute. Too much of them to mention I'm cleaning up the pages in the test already. Whooh, wish me luck!
  11. Hey there, everyone! I'm Haru, a new user here. I bumped into this scanlation group as I was looking for one that was in need of people who wanted to do cleaning (of manga. haha). AND I DIED WHEN I SAW REIMEI NO ARCANA being scanlated here. So yeah, I'll be hanging out here more often then! haha. I'd also like to meet all youz shoujo manga enthusiasts~ as I am a die hard fan myself <3 <3 <3 What are your favorites? I'd love to hear them Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
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