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About Me

Hello~ Welcome to my terrain <3

My name is Eun Mi.

I am a total newb, so don't hate me^^


Some awsome person has given me a nickname.

My nickname is MiMi <3


Since I own this About Me, I'll talk about me ^^

You know, EF is amazing!

When I first came here...

I was welcomed so warmly! T^T


I'm a half Japanese, half Korean girl who wants to be a TL ;3

I'm completely addicted to BIGBANG and SHINee.

I'm a total VIP and SHAWOL!!!

Strange, huh?

Hehe <3


It was already proven that there was something wrong with me ^^

Some random things about me;




- I love dancing, singing and writing my own music ^^

- I'm addicted to omurice *_*

- I have a BF named Takuya <3


I haven't told you about my EF family, have I?

Well, this awsome person made a EF family ^^

She kind of put us in a EF family.


She's my Day-twin <3

She has the same B-day as me ^^

May 22, 1995

Yes, It's Soul!!!


Well, Soul is the first person I've talked to ^^

She's awsome and kind.

She's the one who made the awsome family.

Though I haven't met ALL of them, here they are!


Soul [she's so kind T^T]

Joey [ ^^]

Gerik [Let's not say anything... x'3]

Anne [Want to meet ^^]

Lauren [^^]

Sora [so cool *__*]

Rae [Awsome]

Melita [Her nickname is LiLi, and she's sooo sweet *__*]

Dragos [x5ga... He seems scary, but I'm sure he isn't ^^]


How awsome is that?

Well, now you've heard of them^^

I have to go sleep, since I'm sick and totally energy-drained.

I don't want to though x'3

But I have to ^^

Sweet dreams,

Eun Mi.


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