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  1. hiiiii eunmiii~ welcome back!!!

  2. Welcome Back!! <33

  3. Uwaaa... It's been a really long time ^^~~~~


    I'm back ^^

  4. Konnichiwa~~ Remember me??

  5. Hi ^^


    It's been a long time, hasn't it?


    I'm back ^^

  6. It's been a long time~

  7. It's been a long time~ ^^

  8. O.o


    It's been a long time ^^

  9. Ne~ I'm back ^^ I missed you, twin ^^ :)


    I'll explain things to you later ^^

  10. Well, it's been a long time... I'll explain why I was gone for so long to anyone that asks me ;)

  11. Miss you my twin!

  12. I will get well soon ;) Just give me a bit of time T^T

  13. oh no >.< get well soon!!! *Hug*

  14. It seems I have the Pfeiffer disease... T^T

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    2. Cadice


      Stay strong and get well soon! :>

    3. Soul


      MiMi... ~Huggles tightly~

      Get well very soon my twin...

    4. lat


      hey sweetie, how are you doing?

  15. Not that well :( The doctor said I had the pfieffer disease or something?

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