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  1. Found this yesterday, read it during my meager study breaks, and finished it only a night after. If that doesn't tell you the story's that good, I can only wonder what will.
  2. zeekville


    I loved the story, but most of all, I loved Ley's character as she deviates from the typical textbook female protagonist: clumsy, ignorant, weak, very emotional. I, also, admire the fact she cleverly uses people's idolization of her being some prophesied one to win arguments. As for the ending... I had no problem with it. Nada. Zip. Zilch. It made things relate-able. When put in Ley's shoes (don't get me started on my envy for her adventure), I'd have chosen the same thing. There were parts I felt were boring so I merely skimmed through more 3rd party conversations about how great the "child of the prophecy" is. 4 stars out of 5. The missing star's for the minimal romance between Lucian and Ley. I wanted MOAR! A thousand thank yous for the scanlation!
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