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  1. How to keep friends: Clean their kitchen

    1. Tessa


      Could work XD. Personally, I hate it when people come to me and start cleaning. It makes me feel that I did a bad job in the first place :(.

  2. Jojo: Stardust crusaders *BEST* Tokyo Ghoul Shinsekai no yori FREE! Eternal Summer Zankyou no Terror Love Stage!! DRAMAtical murder (this one is odd to say the least, who makes a pg13 anime out of a 18+ gay visual novel????) Hunter x Hunter
  3. Sour cream & onion mmmmm so good The handsome good guy or The handsome bad guy?
  4. Yes... burnt my stir fry to a crisp True or false: You had a Naruto phase
  5. Risk


    umm... hi? I guess My name is Risk and I'm new around here (no duhhhh) I'm mostly just a lowly Canadian who spends most of her time gaming, drawing, reading manga/watching anime, and gardening. anyways the thing you'll be interested in is; I'm also training to be an editor/typesetter. Mostly got the typesetting thing down, still need to work on my editing skills... I plan to try out for a position once I'm more confident in my page editing, but I still have a lot to learn. I'll be hanging around the forums till then! So I hope to see you all around, love all the work you've done so far 10/10 what else should I put here?? umm A little bit about me I suppose: -I'm vertically impaired (5,5 and under club yeeee) -Favorite game(s) is Tales of Symphonia/Dark Souls -Current favorite manga is Tokyo Ghoul -Current favorite anime is JoJo: Stardust Crusaders -Favorite food is Potato soup -My favorite reads from your scan group are: Ghost hunt, Reimei no Arcana, and Forest of Grey City -I'm a decently fast learner, though I'll make a few mistakes till I get it right - .w.;;; -thats it, I don't know what else to put here You all have a lovely day Thank you for reading all that! -Risk
  6. Hi! I guess? I'll make a into thread in a bit

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