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    It's still getting cold...

    and here's rii, getting ready for summer (plus 3 weeks of winter when i go to the northern hemisphere for x'mas&new years).... poor santa must hate us with his red thermo suit....
  2. Hi, I would like to have the opportunity to apply for Japanese translator. I dont have any experience translating manga, but I have done some translations for Japanese-English documents. I went to school in Japan and in Australia so I feel confident in both English and Japanese ( I did my first half of primary education in Japan, latter in Australia and studied Japanese at tertiary level). I also have accreditation for N2 JLPT and will be sitting N1 in December if that helps support my Japanese proficiency. Scores and certification can be sent if required. I've been wanting to try out for manga translations for a while, and when I saw an ad on Perfect girl evolution the other day, I thought it was a great opportunity to apply. I hope to hear from you soon
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