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  1. i was just being modest that's all u know so ppl would cut me some slack if mess up but when it come to business i am confident enough in my eng level ^^
  2. hello yes i did though it was not under my name i used an alias >>> my family is against it
  3. i will translate it if u want ^^ but am not that sure about my linguistic ability you iam self taught so it'll be an awkward translation lol ^^ and blz call me lama ^^
  4. lol i think u'v watch one to many pinky and brain ep "let take over the worrrrrrld " ops got carried away no i don't think so but i'd like to wright some in eng maby experiment on u guys
  5. i think i have to start some where my name is lama its my real name i am from ksa i loved your work so i could not resist joining in English is not my first language so i might seem like an alien but all in all is good i like art i am an artist i study IT i like to write i have published 1 novel and a total of 4 short stories "about 100 page each " but thy are all in Arabic i have a blog in English now i vet my anger there and talk to my self like a maniac thanx for having me and i hop to meet a lot of ppl
  6. my name is lama its not a nickname @[email protected]

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