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  1. Kazakh - can read, speak, write better than 80% of our native speakers. That is my mother tounge, by the way. Russian - can read, speak, write better than 70% of native russian speakeres. English - well, I'm not sure about my English level. At least, I can read, speak and write xD I take English A Language and literature courses in IB=) Ukraine, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Uyghyr, Nogai - can read. I understand about 50% of their words. Japanese - I know only some basic words
  2. It was Naruto! Lol, I have been watching Naruto since I was 6 or 7 and started to read it only after 4 years. It seems like Kishimoto-san is gping to finish Naruto soon, but I wish Naruto would stay ongoing for 2 more years, because I don't wanna say goodbye to my fav. manga T.T Naurto became a symbol of my childhood.
  3. Hi, guys. I'm YuukiG and I translate manga from English to Russian. I'm from Kazakhstan and I can fluently speak Kazakh, Russian and English. If you have any questions, requests or something else, I'm here to help you. Feel free to contact me.
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