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  1. Torikae Fuukaden v03 ch09 View File Oh my god you guys this is getting so cute! I Can't wait for the rest *speeds off to PR more* Submitter Mepi Submitted 08/08/17 Category Proofreading  
  2. I love the summer holidays! I can sit inside all day and proofread :D (No kidding, I hate the hot weather and my apartment is sooooo hot so I'm staying in with a fan and lots of ice :D) 

    1. Melita_H


      I approve! :D (I don't like heat either, haha... I stay inside with AC as much as possible in the summer. :P)

    2. Tessa


      haha, Mepi is suck a hard-worker :D

      I miss my 3 month summer holiday *sniff*

    3. Tessa



      Why don't we have an edit button? =(((

  3. Galism ch_28 View File And Galism is done~ Submitter Mepi Submitted 07/17/17 Category Proofreading  
  4. TF_v03_ch08_PR View File Here's the cute chapter 8 of TF, Enjoy Submitter Mepi Submitted 06/27/17 Category Proofreading  
  5. Torikae Fuukaden v02 ch05 View File So, after a huge break, I'm finally back! Here's Torikae Fuukaden Submitter Mepi Submitted 06/19/17 Category Proofreading  
  6. Woo! It's the one I worked on! (the only one.. *sniff*)
  7. Heyho~ The laptop version also works fine for me, and when I go to the website in my phone browser it looks normal as well... But when I try to access the website on my phone through Facebook (like with the new uploads) I get the same page you already showed. So through Facebook it doesn't work right for me yet (not that I access it a lot through Facebook, just thought I say it here for now :3)
  8. ...I want my pusheen hoodie Neko, you are evil
  9. So i was told to also show my picture here~ So here you all go (this one was from a photoshoot) (My father convinced me to pick up a goose from the water.. And he was so sweet! He actually cuddled with me, and didn't try to escape! ) (And this is me with my boyfriend )
  10. Hi, I'm Nikki~ I'm 20 years old and I live in Holland I'd like to apply for the position of proofreader My English is pretty good, and I would love to join a community and help making manga's for everyone to enjoy If there is a test, please send me one ^~^ Thanks for reading~