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    Proofreader of sparkly dreams~! 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
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    Manga, games, my boyfriend (:3), and other pointless things :D

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About Me

A very good afternoon. I welcome you to my profile. It seems you are interested in me. Very well...


Let me tell you all about me...


It was 1993, and a little girl was born in a village somewhere in the Netherlands. Her parents were filled with joy, and they named the little girl Nicolle. She detests that name, so she just wants to be called Nikki. She grew up and became a beautiful young lady, loved by everyone. But there was one thing the people who loved her didn't know. There was some darkness in her heart, an evil kind of darkness, and she would soon be consumed by it. This darkness turned out to be... The Internet! And poor little Nikki started spending more and more time on the internet, playing games, reading manga and watching anime. It was a sad live indeed. One day Nikki decided she wanted to do something for the world. She wanted to get rid of the darkness in her heart. So she joined Evil Flowers, and found a meaningful way to spend time on the internet. And now we have arrived at this day, with you looking at my profile. I hope this little story was worth your time.

And maybe one day, when you decide to stop by this old lady again, she will have another story for you.



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