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  1. My first anime was Naruto. I watched it at my friend's house without even realizing it was anime until several years later..... My first manga was Kamichama Karin.
  2. jennzli


    I forgot to add this and since I can't edit it, please disregard the last post.... Hello! Just wanted to stop by and answer your question. I am not a translator here or in any other groups because I can barely read and write a handful of words in Chinese even though it was my first language. I never learned how to read and write characters. Due to this fact, I will probably be classified in the group of "Chinese as a second language". I would like to say that if you really really really really want to learn Chinese and is dedicated, you can do it. If you're lazy about it, it would be hard. That's what my grandma says... she's is a retired teacher from China. I would suggest learning how to speak Chinese first because the writing will be much harder than the speaking. For some reason, they created rules for writing a Chinese character. For example, some strokes come before others and have to be written in a certain way. However, as I say, if you're dedicated, than you will achieve the "divine" skill of writing characters. Be positive and you will definitely learn. Edit: I forgot to add that there are two types of Chinese writting: traditional and simplified. The traditional writing style is harder to master due to the fact that it has more strokes. However, in manhua, they are often used, depending where they are written in and who wrote them. Hong Kong and I think Taiwan still uses the traditional writing styles. The simplified version is the newest version of Chinese developed. It is adapted from the traditional Chinese. The mainland China, such as Beijing and other places other than Hong Kong use this kind of writing. As the name suggests, it is simpler than traditional Chinese due to less strokes. I would suggest learning the simplified version before learning the traditional version since in the simplified version, most characters only need a few more strokes before they become traditional version characters. I hope I didn't bore you because the message was long. If there is anymore questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  3. Hello! My name is Jenny. Nice to meet you! I am a typesetter and proofreader from other scanlation groups, and so I decided to become a proofreader here and applied. I am not very confident with my proofreading skills so I am not sure if I am going to pass. If not, I would love to support this group from now on! *Thumbs up* Thanks for taking your time reading this! ~Jenny
  4. Hello! I was wondering if this group is in need of proofreaders. I would like to apply if proofreaders are still needed. Thanks so much! ^u^
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