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  1. 70 (Eh? I've always counted down though........unless someone posted at the same time as me? *goes to check* If I did screw up I'm sorry! ><)
  2. Ah, welcome!! I'm also trying out for QC'er. Best of luck! ^^
  3. Kenshin


    Thanks! I'm hoping to apply to become an editor as well once I build up more experience, since this group seems to be in great need of editors......
  4. Ah, I tried to figure out a way to get up to the nest, but its on the roof and all of the ladders in the garage aren't long enough. I guess it really shouldn't matter though because it died last night as I was going to get it more food I should have expected as much, he seemed like he had trouble breathing and I couldn't figure out why.......... ;n;
  5. Kenshin


    Ahahaha, yes, I'm applying to be a QC'er........I only have basic experience when it comes to Typesetting and such (but I'm a huge Grammar Nazi >.>), so I figured I'd best apply for that position.......so please take care of me, and I'll try my best not to be a burden.....
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