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    Sa souvraya niende misain ye...
  1. No QC applicants? *patpat* There, their, they're. Perhaps they simply weren't able to reply!

  2. :o It is your birthday? Happy birthday! And happy other days too~ ^_^
  3. Happy birthday, tear dear~<33333

  4. Happy Birthday!! <3

  5. Teardear, can I ask you to do Sir Tiger's Table v3 ch11? :)

    1. Tear


      Of course <3

    2. ayne
    3. ayne


      How far are you?~~

  6. You're banned!

    You are banned for misspelling the words "banned" and "you're" in your post.
  7. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall know no fear...as I am an Evil Flower. <3

    1. ayne


      May you serve the Empire well.

    2. Melita_H


      Let the Evil Flower power guide you on your journey~

  8. Tearrr!~ Are you doing okay?

  9. Tear! I missed your birthday by a massive amount! ;O im so sorry! happy VERY belated birthday! <3

  10. Happy birthday~ ^_^ & happy all days. <3

  11. happy birthday tear :D

  12. ¤Tug Of War¤

  13. ¤Tug Of War¤

  14. ¤Tug Of War¤

  15. Corrupt a Wish

    Wish granted! You have to take entrance exams instead. I wish my apartment was clean...