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  1. I think it was Inuyasha for me? It was the first show that I knew was anime Was really into it then, bought the movies, DVDs, not really manga. I got into manga way later, like maybe 7th or 8th grade?
  2. This year has been the most hectic year for me in terms of cons. I started the year by going to Anime Zap (like the first weekend of Jan) Then I went to Anime Matsuri in March (because Reika was going to be there!!!) ACEN was next, I started going since 2008 or 09, I forgot Future cons: Anime Midwest July 4-6 (it's right here, so why not?) OtaKon Aug. 8-10 (brother wants to go and who am I to say no to a con haha) Yaoi-con Sept. 12-14 (been going since I turned 18, which isn't that long ago but yeah, PLUS Reika will be there this year <3 It's like heaven <3) RamenCon Sept. 19-21(to go see Tatum!! I've been wanting to see that man since forever! lol) EXPO TNT 28 Oct 16-19? (Reika....<3 <3 that's my only explanation haha) I really want to go to Comic Con, Anime Expo, and those big CA cons, For sure I'll be going to Anime Matsuri next year <3
  3. Out of curiosity...they don't check IDs? lol Ooooo Reika was there too! I went just to go see her <3 <3 (The Fashion Show was awesome, I so almost cried when Reika 'died') Haha, I know, I'm a weirdo
  4. hi! I'm new around here but I figured I'd post a pic too Though I don't really have any recent ones...>.> (not photogenic) So the first one is from this year when I went to Anime Matsuri <3 I'm sure I don't have to say who's with me xD As for any other ones...well my hard drive died after the con so all is lost!! Dx Maybe I'll put a recent one some time later haha
  5. I first started reading this manga when I was in elementary school (so it's been about...7 or 8 years?). I bought the first volume at this book sale and I am so glad I stumbled upon it! I also watched the anime, rather disappointed that it ended pretty quickly :/ Want to say wish there was more but I'm satisfied with just the manga. While the art isn't perfect I've gotten used to it and now it feels perfect for the story! Is anyone else excited about the latest chapters?! I know I am!! haha
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