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  1. Don't worry about it Tail. I haven't been on recently. How've you been?

  2. haha, I wish. Next person has seen the Leaning Tower
  3. listener

    Hi (:

    Oh, I'm late! Sorry for this being late, but welcome!
  4. Heh, I don't even know what that is. Next person listens is listening to music!
  5. Well, I live! Sorry for not being on more guys. :(

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    2. AyukawaAine


      Other than getting dumped by my girlfriend, everything's fine now :D

    3. listener



      That's good to hear! (the last part, at least.)

    4. Hazel
  6. listener


    Ah... Freak. I haven't been on in forever! Well, here it is... It isn't very well written, but it's there! Oh, and this particular piece is only 10k. The other 42k is with the short stories that I've written in November. Becoming Who I Always Was Comment! Please! I'll read yours when I have a chance, probably about christmas break time. Tear this one apart.
  7. listener


    @Unie- Hey, you're still a winner! @Holanio Thanks. It was hard, and the end sprint was killer... Good luck on the story. Any chances of excerpts?
  8. listener


    Heh, November is almost over, and I was just wondering, who made their goal?
  9. Actually, yes. It was random. Next person jogs regularly.
  10. Full on anger slap? Yes. It was worth the trouble. Next person has been out of their native country?
  11. I know a few phrases? Next person is in collage.
  12. Hello MissFortuneCookie! Glad you're here! Also, if you want to chat, come to www.evilflowers.chatango.com It's the groups chat. There's usually someone online to talk to there.! Talk to you later then!
  13. Nope! Next person lives where it's raining.
  14. 9. Eh. I'm off for now. Tell Tulv I said hi.
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