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  1. I think cherries~ Last time you watched a good movie, and what was it?
  2. You're banned for being the 717th post
  3. Prom Tonight! Pictures may be incoming!

    1. Nekomikoto


      Yay!~ Have fun :D

    2. chargerwong


      O_O you're sharing them all?


  4. I think it's been long enough to bump. I'm currently watching Seitokai Yakuindomo. It's basically a girl's only school, goes co-ed. The whole show is based on mini-segments around this guy that gets stuck on the Student Council, and has to deal with the sterotypes that all the girls have against him. All in all, it's pretty much a no-holds-barred anime, with lots of jokes.
  5. Thanks for the good wish, Neko~ And, a happy belated birthday to you as well!

  6. You know what, I have no excuse... Just haven't been on. I'm on now though~

  7. Schools out :D Also, just realized that I've been on EF for more than a year!

  8. 7 Yes resistance, from a surprise foe!
  9. Haha, Thanks Neko!

  10. Tell me about it. 19 days and counting for me.

  11. Ah, you know. Life. I've been busy with school, but that's no excuse. How've you been?

  12. Happy Birthday Neko!

  13. My gosh! Happy late Birthday Ayu!

  14. Haha, I'm pretty sure I was on your side from the beginning. 14
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