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  1. I've been around, and now I'm back here~

    1. Nekomikoto


      OMG HAYYY :DD long time no see

    2. lat


      welcome back!

  2. Haven't been on much since internet's been buggy. Now, camp staff! I'll be on when I can.

  3. xD Okie~ I thought it was cute~

  4. Prom Tonight! Pictures may be incoming!

    1. Nekomikoto


      Yay!~ Have fun :D

    2. chargerwong


      O_O you're sharing them all?


  5. Thanks for the good wish, Neko~ And, a happy belated birthday to you as well!

  6. You know what, I have no excuse... Just haven't been on. I'm on now though~

  7. Schools out :D Also, just realized that I've been on EF for more than a year!

  8. Haha, Thanks Neko!

  9. Tell me about it. 19 days and counting for me.

  10. Ah, you know. Life. I've been busy with school, but that's no excuse. How've you been?

  11. Happy Birthday Neko!

  12. My gosh! Happy late Birthday Ayu!

  13. Return from inactiveness!

    1. TailBreeze


      WHOOP!Welcome back from inactiveness, listener!

    2. Hazel


      Yay!Welcome back! :)

    3. listener


      Haha, thanks guys!

  14. I lurked. I didn't know what to say, so I was there, checking every now and then. I'll say hi tonight!

  15. Hey Tail! What's up?

  16. Aw... I miss you guys too. Lifes been really busy/weird lately. I'm trying to be on more often, but...




    I swear I'll become more active soon!

  17. Oh! Merry christmas to you too Udara! Hope you had an awesome one.

  18. Don't worry about it Tail. I haven't been on recently. How've you been?

  19. Well, I live! Sorry for not being on more guys. :(

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    2. AyukawaAine


      Other than getting dumped by my girlfriend, everything's fine now :D

    3. listener



      That's good to hear! (the last part, at least.)

    4. Hazel
  20. O_o. Yes I live! I've just got a lot on my plate right now! But I'd never leave my friends hanging! CB?

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