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  1. That's good :D But do you need to pay for photoshop?

  2. If only =w= Too bad I'm bad at photoshop... Maybe we should request it~

  3. Ahaha XD Will they though? The raws are quite messy as well T-T Goodbye CRASH!...

  4. I just heard from the admin...and apparently,they lost the motivation to keep going so ಥ_ಥ No more CRASH! ಥ_ಥ

  5. Reimei No Arcana ^^~ I love the story~

  6. Thank you ^^ Nice to be working with you~

  7. Thank you ^^ About Chocolate Fudge, I have no idea, I haven't heard from them since a year ago....But CRASH is great no? :D

  8. Thank you ^^ Did I pass though?

  9. Hi~ I would like to apply for Chinese to English translator if it's still open. I can read simplified and a bit of traditional. As for experience, I've worked on CRASH and 2 oneshots. Hope to work with you.
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