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  1. Itachi loved using vending pans as necklaces. Oharmdi
  2. x_x Sorry for the double comment

  3. x_x Sorry for the double comment

  4. Can you send me a link for the Japanese raw?

  5. Can you send me a link for the Japanese raw?

  6. Hey, are my translations that off? Because what I give in and what comes out is pretty different.______."

  7. T^T I hate people who link horror links to forums... Don't they know some people have weak hearts? Rot in hell dammit.

    1. lat


      hahaha i totally agree XD

  8. Milkshake, although they both taste almost the same... Mother or father
  9. What are you aiming for?

  10. If jobs were as easy to get as scanlations, life would be much easier...

    1. CookieMonsterHana


      this. this a million times. once upon a time it was like that ;w;

    2. Airspear


      If only .__. If only...I'd be rich...Well, I'd have some money at least, lol

  11. Aside from debts, jobs, frauds-_-and all the other weird stuff

  12. =w= Being a kid is really fun because you don't really have much to worry about ahha

  13. True that, it doesn't feel much if its a year or two but then after a while you realize ._. I got older...

  14. That's young D: So young...

  15. Don't worry I do that a lot >:D

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