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  1. What's going on ._.

    1. ayne


      What do you mean?

  2. College is a mess ;n;

    1. Tessa


      is better than working @.@

    2. Airspear


      What's working? Is that the 'real world' adults speak of?


    3. ayne


      Hang in there! *pats*

  3. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I don't really get the chance to stop by anymore >n< I've been pretty busy/lazy with school and volunteer haha. How about you?

  4. Going on hiatus-college transition woot ;_;

  5. Whoever said sore muscles after working out feels good is a liar or a masochist. The painnnnn ;A;

    1. November Rose

      November Rose

      O.o... I've never heard anyone say that. But apparently stretching helps and heat will also help relax them.

    2. ayne


      Haha, I feel for you. But maybe it's kind of satisfying that you did sth good for your body. xD

    3. lovesickmelody


      XD I'm one of those masochists. Hope it goes away soon. ^^

  6. Who knew summer goes by this slow when you don't have school ._.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. November Rose
    3. Airspear


      Lool I'm actually not working on a project so why not?

    4. SoRa.


      Woohooo~~~~ thank you~<3 I'll PM you the list :D

  7. Going on a short hiatus till the end of this month. I'll try to have HnR up then.

  8. I cry over the fact that I can only work diligently if I'm under pressure which usually doesn't happen

    1. Aria


      AHAHA oh god it's the same with me OTL That's where procrastination comes in handy! (no it doesn't never do this)


  10. Happyyyy birthhhdaaaayyyyy~~!!

  11. Sorry, I've been busy with college applications and part-time job that I neglected TLs ;; I'll try to get another chapter or two within this week or next maybe

  12. Oohhh, fancy 0w0 How's the courses?

  13. Wow 0_0 college...What're you majoring in?



  14. Ohh, harsh. Senior year of high school?

  15. Hey, how's it going?

  16. Hey hey, can you tell me what 心臓を取りまく心膜との間に液体がたまることで心臓が圧迫され means? Sorry for the bother

  17. Doesn't Tessa still have to QC it?

  18. Hey hey, do you know if Memory is alive?

  19. Yup, I'm helping Dr.Duo 0w0

  20. Your welcome ^^ But sadly, we're jointing with another group so KOT is no longer mine =n=

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