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  1. Hey nice to meet you :) How are you enjoying EF?

  2. Merry Christmas and a happy new year(of translating)~!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. tomorei


      haha yup thanks! you? And yeah it's from red river, my fave manga <3

    3. Ellevora


      I had to work on christmas :( But yeah I love red river too! the ending was nice :')

    4. tomorei


      yup definitely, so happy yuri and kail ended up together =))

  3. No more uni and finally a break from work... Gotta get TRANSLATING!!

  4. I'm a little late, but welcome to the EF family! ^^

    1. Ellevora


      It's not late at all~ I am only going to be fully active in 2 weeks time after all... after all my finals I will fulfill my duties as a welcomed EF member... >.<""

  5. Translation o' meter will be at 200% from the 17th of October: The Last Exam. so wait for me my precious translations...

    1. SoRa.


      woohooo~ can't wait to have you back fully! :D Good luck with your exams~

    2. Tessa


      I wish you the same as Sora did. :P

  6. Back to Uni... T^T

    1. SoRa.


      Awww have fun at uni :D

  7. hello, id like to be a chinese translator. is the position still open? I can read both trad and simplified chinese.
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