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  1. Hi there, everyone! Have you ever wanted to write a story for a visual novel? Wanted to make art/music for one? Maybe help program one? For those of you who aren't familiar with them, visual novels are interactive fiction games (non-interactive stories are called "kinetic novels") that often feature anime-like art. There are many popular titles that have come out, like Katawa Shoujo, and they can be for a wide variety of audiences and be just about any genre (as far as I know, anyway). I'd like to propose a little project for anyone interested in making (and perhaps gain support of anyone who wants to read) a visual novel for their fellow members here on the EF forums. Ideas for the story itself would be open for discussion, and there are a few programming engines that it could be made in (I've been working with Ren'Py for several months, the engine that was used to make Katawa Shoujo). Please, if you have any interest, ideas, suggestions, or questions, feel free to put your two cents in~
  2. Just to confirm- I don't live anywhere near farms that have them, but there are plenty of horses in Arkansas.
  3. At best, my plans for the future involve programming. I'm going to university for Computer Science and Game Design, and I've made a few little Flash games. Also, you can confirm the bishie part if you look at the "How Do Ya Look" thread in the open talk section
  4. HERE is this majestic 17-year-old holding a miniature pony.
  5. Ah! If you could please help me figure out how to post pictures properly, I'd appreciate it.
  6. You don't say? In all honesty I figured there would be more.
  7. Someone on my Introduction post asked me to come here and show my face. Because I am new and don't know your new-fangled picture-posting methods, I'll provide a link to my picture. http://37.media.tumb...l893o1_1280.jpg This is about as majestic as a 6'5" male can look holding a small pony.
  8. Ani, I'll be sure to take a good one (I'll probably dress up for it ). To be honest, though, I'm not the most handsome thing ever. Promise. And thanks. I'm hoping I'll be ready.
  9. Ooh, that's a tough one, Nekomikoto. If the world absolutely HAD to end, I think I'd want it to end with everyone turning into large tubs of Jell-O. Why? BECAUSE WHO HATES WONDERFULLY-FLAVORED GELATIN, THAT'S WHY. :3
  10. Thanks, SoRa To answer your question, while I've never been called that before, I think I'd fall into that category, yes. If you can, try to imagine a really pretty-looking Ira Gamagoori. At that point, you have a portrait of me.
  11. Hi there, everyone! My name is Daecher, and I'm fairly new to Evilflowers. As such, I'd like to (traditionally) welcome any and all members to ask *one* strange question, to get to know this guy a little better (on top of some extra info). Age: 17 Location: AR, U.S.A Hobbies: Programming, Procrastinating, and Pizza Favorite genre of music: Trance/Electronica Favorite genres of games: Horror and Racing (though I have yet to find a combination of the two) Most active time online: 9 P.M.-2 A.M. (Central Standard Time) I'm out of topics. Ask away, and nice to meet you all!
  12. Hi there! I read manga from several scanlation groups, and as much as I'd like to return their hard work with my support, many of them are either full on staff or turn down people unfamiliar with Photoshop/GIMP. I recently came across Evilflowers in my hunt for groups in need of staff, and I'm hoping I can get to know the forum members better and dig into some new titles. While I don't have any real experience working with Photoshop, I have been spending the last few weeks finding various guides (Red Hawk Scans' guide, for example) for editing/cleaning/typesetting and teaching myself the techniques necessary for basic editing. I have experience with proofreading and feel confident in my abilities to catch grammatical errors and make certain that the final product will be clean and easy to read. I would love to apply to be a cleaner/typesetter as well, but until I know more about a future workload/schedule with Evilflowers (and feel confident that I can pass the editor test), I'd like to apply and take the test just for the Quality Checker position. I'll have plenty of free time during my week to work (though an alternate schedule might need to be made when I return to university in the Fall), and I'm happy to answer any questions you have for me in the meantime. (Also, apologies for the super-long post. I have a habit of going into a lot of detail for applications~ )
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