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  1. Soon
    I promise. ^^;
    For real this time.
    (Really, I have like 15 of the 70 pages left, and there's a typesetter ready to do it after that, so it legitimately shouldn't be super long... at least not another however ridiculously long it's been so far. ^^;;)

  2. Thanks. ^_^

    We'll try to get that figured out. As I said, I'm not super familiar with Masca, personally, but I'll try to figure it out when I have the time or see if someone else is available to do so. ^^ I can't promise how soon that'll be, but we'll do our best~ XD

  3. There are some pages missing in Masca volumes, if possible and if you have spare time, can you please translate it or give just brief summury, i'm dying to find out what is written there, thank you in advance.





    Hi, Viz~ Thanks for letting us know.

    I personally have only worked on one chapter of Masca: The Beginning and am pretty much unfamiliar with the rest. However, most of our other admins/department heads are either busy or away at the moment, so I'm addressing your question for the time being. ^^


    We'd like to translate and add those pages in if we missed them, but it would be helpful if you could give is some indication of where they should be (as in, which masca series - the original, The Beginning, or The Kings; which volume; and, if possible, which chapter or a general idea of which page) so our translators will have context and so we'll know where to put them when they're done (since, in all likelihood, if we didn't release them initially, they may have been somehow omitted from our raws).


    Please let us know that information or just give us a link to where you found the pages you posted here (actually please give us that link anyway so that we might make sure we're not missing anything else).


    Thanks~ ^_^

  4. um. is there possibly a TEST of any kind that I need to take??? 

    The head translator will send you a test. ^^

    She's in the UK, so she's likely asleep right now, and I'm not sure if she has to work tomorrow, but you should get your test via private message here on the forum probably sometime tomorrow (though it might be tomorrow evening or even the next day, depending on her schedule).


    Also, we appreciate your enthusiasm, but please try not to double or triple post like you just did (I consolidated your 3 posts into one). ^^"

  5. Good it made it through the rain, at least. XD Hope some birds have used it by now or will use it soon~ ^_^


    Also, a few days late, but... I finally made mine! 8D


    I got a bit carried away with the multicolored sharpies, so it's different on every side (which means I also got carried away with taking pictures of every side :P).

    I think I may have regressed to age 12 while making this, haha, but oh well, it's pretty and colorful and stuff, I think. :D












































    And then, right before I was about to post these picture, it occurred to me that birds probably need somewhere to sit while they eat, so I went and grabbed a small piece of wood from the tree out front. 8D

    I might replace it with a twig perch that's a little longer (and either also put it through the other side so it's more stable or adhere it in some other way), but this was the best one I could reach at the moment. ^^"














    Now I just need some bird seed and a place to put it. :P


    That's all, folks~

    For now, anyway. XD

    We will reopen it when we need more proofreaders, whenever that may be~


    For those who've already applied, you can still send in your tests or try again if I've given you that option, but no new applicants for now. Thanks for all the applications this time around, and hooray for so many people passing so quickly! :D


    I leave you with this fun song about exclamations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA_w7A7RElY

  7. I forgot about it!  oni41


    Oh nooooes, I have missed the deadline already...  oni86  (Though it's still August 9, but I won't have time to make anything today. >.<)

    Maybe I will make one anyway... just it'll be past the deadline... unlesssssss... we could extend the deadline?  oni98


    ~Recruitment is now open~


    Super awesome proofreader(s) who will be dedicated and work in a timely manner, come forth, please. oni105


    All applicants, please be sure to look at and heed the instructions and advice provided by the following posts in this thread: the first post (it has the instructions for applying); X5ga's post from August 29, 2012 (it is still mostly applicable); Lat's post from October 26, 2012; X5ga's post from October 26, 2012; Tear's post from December 2, 2012; my post from July 21, 2013; November Rose's post from July 21, 2013; and, of course, this post you're reading right now.


    Also, please keep the contents of this song in mind when you apply: http://youtu.be/8Gv0H-vPoDc


    Good luck! :D I hope you do well~  oni98

  9. oni43The forum also demands more turtle. It totally told me so maybe. MOAR TURTLE, SAYS I... err, I mean, SAYS IT.










    The forum probably also told me that it believes this to be the cutest "give donations plz" picture:



    (It actually comes from this https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152191521132913&set=a.269305847912.140595.246734262912&type=1 They're trying to build an expanded pitbull rescue center, which is nice. ^^ But I... err, I mean, the forum 8D saw it and thought it would be appropriate for any donation requests. XD)

  10. Good luck to you, Daecher~ ^_^


    Wouldn't a visual novel be something like Pottermore?

    I'm not that familiar with Pottermore, but I have the impression that it's a lot more interactive than your average visual novel. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_novel Visual novels are sometimes more like an rpg, but normally have a fairly low level of interactivity. They're generally closer to a choose-your-own-adventure story. Mostly reading, with a few choices to direct where the story goes. You probably have or will see x5 and/or me talking about it at some point. :P


    Lol, we have that in the random talk discussion. (:


    And we have art/music stuff in: http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/forum/152-contest/

    And for just plain old fan sub is all in the open talk :http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/forum/141-open-talk/

    O.O Your post confuses me since this topic is already in open talk... I'm just going to assume this topic was originally posted elsewhere and someone moved it before I noticed...

  11. It’s time for Valentine’s Day!


    Valentine’s Day is the day for giving…




    and receiving chocolate~




    Mmmmm... Choooocolaaaaaaaate…




    Wait… but everyone else will be giving chocolate too…




    What if there’s none left for me?!




    What if I make my own but people think it’s for them?!




    Hmm… those guys back there…




    They looked like they might be having some trouble…








    And now…






    Chocolatey bliss~




    Throw in something like this…



    And voila! Extra Perfect Valentine’s Day~




    Have a happy day, however you spend it!



  12. in fact, it would be worse if i hadded those that are finished and all the OS (i reread them from time to time)

    i think i'm following above 60 series in progress so it depends on the moment and on the scanlation teams


    ... may i have misunderstood the topic?


    Looking back through the previous pages, it seems like most people who are following lots and lots of things just picked several of their favorites and listed those here, so perhaps you can do that. ^_^


    Hmm... I'm not actually reading much right now (other than the things I'm working on), although there are a number of things I've been meaning to get back into (I used to have a tonnnnnnn of things that I was following, but I guess I just kinda stopped D:)...


    Nanatsu no Taizai is the only manga I'm really reading every week at the moment, and lately I haven't been reading much of anything otherwise either.

  13. Hm...well, Marissa appears to have intended it to be just one from each person, but for the sake of activity, I suppose it's fine to do more than one...

    However, please just pick one manga per post, and don't double post or anything like that.


    Example of what is okay:

    Person A: I like Bleach!

    Person B: My favorite manga is Ao no Exorcist!

    Person C: Noblesse is awesome!

    Person B: Oh oh, I also really love Ubel Blatt!


    Example of what is not okay:

    Person A: I like Bleach!

    Person B: My favorite manga is Ao no Exorcist!

    Person B: Oh oh, I also really love Ubel Blatt!

  14. Well...actually, x5 just meant that he believes Shoujo Sect to be the best manga ever created in the history of time... XD


    As for the dating and activity, Marissa said that she was planning to tally things up after 50 posts, but there have only been 10 so far... If this thread becomes more active and begins to span several pages, we will begin tallying things. ^_^


    Anyway, I'm terrible at picking favorites or deciding what is best or any such things, but I am quite fond of Hatenkou Yuugi (a.k.a. Dazzle).


    (As a side note, you should be happy that your favorite manga is licensed D: because now you can support the author properly, so that said author may continue producing quality manga.  Also, aside from that, it's been completely scanlated and is online, so it's not like you can't still read it even without buying it. O.O)

  15. As far as I'm aware, we have nothing blocking content for France, so that shouldn't have anything to do with it.  It would seem that the problem was that you either were not signed into your account at the time or that your account was still in the validation stage.

    We found this http://www.evilflowers.com/index.php?/user/60443-penplum/ which we assume is your account, but when you posted in this thread you were not signed into that account; you were only here as a guest.  So, in all likelihood, your account was not yet validated when you posted, but it appears to be all in order now.

    Please make sure that you're signed into your account and then attempt to download again.

    If it still doesn't work, let us know, and we will try to figure out the problem. ^_^

    Best wishes~


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