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  1. On 3/15/2019 at 3:45 PM, Guest JoJo said:

    Hiiii, I absolutely love this manga, is there still no hope of getting its updated????

    Unfortunately the answer is still as above. ^^; If you or anyone you know may be able to join us and help out, please apply!

  2. Any idea of when the next chapters will be out? I've been trying to avoid that other scanlation group due to terrible quality but since it's been almost a year since the last chapter was released by evilflowers I don't know whether I should try to bite the bullet and read the terribad translation or wait a little longer.

    I am so very sorry for all the delays, as they are mostly my fault as the proofreader. >.< I've had an array of personal issues getting in the way and have just kept this on hold for so long. >.<

    Anyway, I should have the extra at the end of volume 3 finished tonight or tomorrow, and I'll be trying to have the next 2 chapters done over the next week or so. After that it'll be up to editing and QCing, so I can't say how long that will take, but the major thing that's been holding it up (me >.<) is hopefully not going to be doing so anymore. ^^"

    Again, suuuuper sorry for all the delays, but please wait a bit longer and some chapters should appear. ^^"

  3. Is there anyway I could help on this project?

    We greatly appreciate the offer, but I believe we've actually got the staff for this particular project pretty set already (something could change in the future, but it's been the same staff for quite a long while, so it'll probably remain so). ^^ However, you could always apply to join the staff and work on other projects, which could potentially take some of the workload from the ones working on Evyione and thus speed up its progress as well. :D Just visit our recruitment area on the forum. ^_^


    As a side note, it shouldn't be *too* much longer before the first part of chapter 51 is released (probably not more than a couple of weeks would be my guess, depending on how things go). :D

  4. First off, thank you for your hard work scanlating the series for however long you've been doing..


    How's the scanlations for this series going? I've noticed it hasn't been updated for quite sometime.

    You're welcome~ ^_^


    And sorry, that's the fault of our proofreader for this project... which is me. ^^; I've actually got the next 2 chapters almost ready to be edited, so it shouldn't be too much longer before there's another chapter or two or five. :D

  5. excuse me but i was wondering if this is still translated and could you please post a link to raws because i saw raws till chapter 140 i was wondering if there is more. thank you for your hard work :)


    We're still working on it, yes. Our previous translator for it retired, but I believe there's a new one assigned, so hopefully there will be more chapters done relatively soon~ ^_^


    As for your other question, this manga is serialized in a magazine and then gathered into volumes which each contain 4-5 chapters. There are currently only 34 volumes, and the last chapter in volume 34 is chapter 139 or 140, I believe. I'm not sure how long the delay is between when the chapters are published in the magazine and when they're released in volumes, and I'm not sure when volume 34 was published, so I don't know how many chapters there might be past 140. We buy our raws in volume form though, not magazine, so even if there are chapters past chapter 140 in existence, we don't have them. Sorry sorry~ ^^"

  6. Please make this into an anime! I beg YOU! Also please upload more chapters of this an goodmanga.net! I can not wait to read more of this! It's just so amazing!

    We're glad that you enjoy the manga. ^_^

    However, we have nothing to do with goodmanga or any other such aggregate site except batoto. You can always read the latest chapters we've released on our online reader here though. ^_^

    Also we can't make it into an anime since we're just fans ourselves, but I'm sure it would be good as an anime, so perhaps it will be made into one someday. XD

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