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  1. Volume 5, Chapter 31, Part 1 View File The first like... 47-ish pages of Chapter 31. Honestly it could just end right here and it'd be a nice happy ending, haha, but nope, there are like 25-ish more pages. 8D Anyway, here's something at least. Only took me like a third of a decade... >.> Submitter Melita_H Submitted 11/21/20 Category Proofreading  
  2. Melita_H


    Soon™ I promise. ^^; For real this time. (Really, I have like 15 of the 70 pages left, and there's a typesetter ready to do it after that, so it legitimately shouldn't be super long... at least not another however ridiculously long it's been so far. ^^;;)
  3. Unfortunately the answer is still as above. ^^; If you or anyone you know may be able to join us and help out, please apply!
  4. Closed for now~ Please consider being an editor or translator or quality checker. 8D
  5. Recruitment OPEN! If you can proofread and can be an active member of our staff, please apply~
  6. Those images are from the manga "Rakuen Route". https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=4165 Unfortunately, we dropped it several years ago (due to lack of staff, if I recall). Transient Mirage picked it up for one chapter afterward, but it looks like they didn't continue with it either, sadly. ^^" I don't know what the one described in the second post is though. Sorry. >.<
  7. Closed for now~ We're run out of projects to assign people. We'll reopen recruitment again eventually~
  8. Thanks. We'll try to get that figured out. As I said, I'm not super familiar with Masca, personally, but I'll try to figure it out when I have the time or see if someone else is available to do so. ^^ I can't promise how soon that'll be, but we'll do our best~ XD
  9. Melita_H

    Masca II: Kings

    @Viz: I responded to your question in the Masca thread. Sorry for the delay. ^^"
  10. Hi, Viz~ Thanks for letting us know. I personally have only worked on one chapter of Masca: The Beginning and am pretty much unfamiliar with the rest. However, most of our other admins/department heads are either busy or away at the moment, so I'm addressing your question for the time being. ^^ We'd like to translate and add those pages in if we missed them, but it would be helpful if you could give is some indication of where they should be (as in, which masca series - the original, The Beginning, or The Kings; which volume; and, if possible, which chapter or a general idea of which page) so our translators will have context and so we'll know where to put them when they're done (since, in all likelihood, if we didn't release them initially, they may have been somehow omitted from our raws). Please let us know that information or just give us a link to where you found the pages you posted here (actually please give us that link anyway so that we might make sure we're not missing anything else). Thanks~
  11. Melita_H

    Non Non Biyori

    I am so very sorry for all the delays, as they are mostly my fault as the proofreader. >.< I've had an array of personal issues getting in the way and have just kept this on hold for so long. >.< Anyway, I should have the extra at the end of volume 3 finished tonight or tomorrow, and I'll be trying to have the next 2 chapters done over the next week or so. After that it'll be up to editing and QCing, so I can't say how long that will take, but the major thing that's been holding it up (me >.<) is hopefully not going to be doing so anymore. ^^" Again, suuuuper sorry for all the delays, but please wait a bit longer and some chapters should appear. ^^"
  12. Today is World Hypoparathyroidism Awareness Day~ So... awareness and such. 8D Picture: http://puu.sh/i8PqH/cebc05dc0d.jpg Info (I have type 1b of this): http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/124836-overview

  13. As of today, I have been an EF staff member for 3 whole years! :o Many things have happened, and I am eternally grateful for (and to) my EF family. ^_^

  14. The head translator will send you a test. ^^ She's in the UK, so she's likely asleep right now, and I'm not sure if she has to work tomorrow, but you should get your test via private message here on the forum probably sometime tomorrow (though it might be tomorrow evening or even the next day, depending on her schedule). Also, we appreciate your enthusiasm, but please try not to double or triple post like you just did (I consolidated your 3 posts into one). ^^"
  15. Melita_H

    Second Advent~

    Hehehe, I am glad that some of my Christmas experiences could serve as such inspiration~ XD
  16. Hehe, I love the comic and especially the magical click, ayne~ XD
  17. Melita_H


    We greatly appreciate the offer, but I believe we've actually got the staff for this particular project pretty set already (something could change in the future, but it's been the same staff for quite a long while, so it'll probably remain so). ^^ However, you could always apply to join the staff and work on other projects, which could potentially take some of the workload from the ones working on Evyione and thus speed up its progress as well. Just visit our recruitment area on the forum. As a side note, it shouldn't be *too* much longer before the first part of chapter 51 is released (probably not more than a couple of weeks would be my guess, depending on how things go).
  18. Each one had a suggestion for a place that was rumored to be scary: the local graveyard, an old haunted cottage, a supposedly enchanted forest, and an abandoned candy corn factory. They quickly agreed that although the abandoned candy corn factory would probably be spooky and might still have edible candy corn in it since that stuff never seems to expire until the end of time, it might have dangerous equipment in it, so they shouldn’t go there (plus they all already had tons of candy corn from parties and trick or treating before this anyway). A few rounds of rock-paper-scissors helped them to decide between the remaining three options. “To the enchanted forest!” they said in unison, and began their journey into the unknown. As they walked through the forest, they felt like it really must be enchanted after all. The trees seemed alive, and it always felt like there were curious eyes watching them pass by. After a while, they started noticing some strange lights. At first they chalked it up to fireflies, but they soon realized that the lights were gradually getting larger and seemed to have vague star shapes. The little stars seemed to dance around the youngsters and urge them forward, as though they were leading them to something… The youngsters were thrilled! They eagerly followed the little lights and eventually found themselves in front of a magnificent (and spooky!) castle. As they stood at the edge of the forest and stared in awe at the castle to which the lights had led them, a couple of them began to doubt whether or not they should really proceed… It looked beautiful but ominous… Was it someone’s house? Would the owners be bothered by their intrusion? What if it was really haunted?! But a spooky and scary adventure was what they had been seeking, after all, and it wouldn’t be right to ignore what was in front of them after the enchanted forest’s lights had led them there… They decided to proceed down the path and enter the castle anyway. At the castle gate they saw an array of jack-o’-lanterns and some people who seemed to be witches or fairies of sorts. The gate guardians seemed to be in a good mood and let the youngsters pass. Once inside, they discovered a huge gathering with all sorts of unusual creatures! There were werewolves and vampires and ghosts and goblins, witches and fairies and genies, mummies and trolls and even some talking cats! Scattered across the room were tables with an array of treats. Some of the treats looked like they might not be meant for human consumption, actually… The youths decided to join the friendly-looking people (at least most of them looked like people…) at the first table they saw with empty seats. The people and creatures at the table all spoke in a peculiar way. Everything they said was rhythmic and sounded rather like verses out of a children’s book. After getting used to the unusual manner of speaking, the youngsters started to realize what the partygoers were talking about… “Such silly creatures, these humans, they are~” “You agree, I see? It’s true, I say! Each year before and again this time, they don curious, puerile garb and claim names such as ‘troll’ and ‘witch’. They mock us, no doubt!” “If ever I were to meet such a disrespectful creature as a human, I would place it in a cage and teach it to mind its manners! It would see then that we are not to be trifled with!” “You newcomers there, you agree, do you not?” The decidedly human adventurers were stunned and quite scared now. “Y…Yes…?” one of the youths managed to stutter before realizing how much more suspicious this made their group. The regular partygoers slowly stopped their conversation and analyzed the new guests further. Although they blended in at a glance, upon further inspection, noting their clear nervousness, the partygoers realized with growing horror that their new guests were the very strange things that they tried so hard to avoid… “HUMANS!” someone shouted. The youngsters were terrified! They ran aimlessly through the castle, with every manner of mysterious creature on their heels! Somehow they managed to elude their pursuers, but before they realized it, they’d run down a corridor into a place that seemed like an entirely different realm! They found themselves faced with a rather mischievous-looking little witch, a quite sentient-looking cat, a strange lounging skeleton, and several other oddities. The little witch held up a small cage and said: “So you’re the ones causing all this ruckus, is that so? Hmm, what was it again that I do with creatures who disturb my celebration and relaxation… What say you, friends?” “That cage, my lady, was for disruptive intruders, I believe?” replied the cat. “I care not what becomes of them, they might as well leave~” the skeleton yawned. The witch thought for a moment. “A tradition in your world, I hear, involves tricks and treats. Little humans, decide your fates. If you can trick me, I may let you go… or I may not~ Perhaps a treat would sate my ire at this disturbance, but I doubt you have anything I would possibly desire. That aside, you couldn’t trick me if you tried, but you might entertain me a bit, at least~” The youngsters spoke frantically amongst themselves about their predicament. They came up with several trick ideas but none of them seemed sufficient. Just when they started to despair, the little witch floated towards them and sniffed the air a bit. Her expression became contemplative… “Could it be…?” she muttered. The humans looked at her in confusion. Suddenly, from their pockets floated the little bags of candy corn they’d gotten earlier in the evening before the embarked on their adventure. The bags floated over to the witch. “OH IT IS! IT IS!” the little witch flew around excitedly in circles, crying out in delight. “Ages and ages! So long it has been since I’ve seen this confection! The sweetness! The waxy texture! Oh how I’ve missed it so!!!” The scene looked a little bit like this: The youths were beyond perplexed by this witch’s reaction to candy corn. As she continued flying around the room in glee, the cat sighed and explained that the little witch had once visited the human world and had some candy corn. Ever since then, it was all she thought about at this time each year. She’d always avoid the castle’s main party in favor of this realm of hers because the castle’s treats made her miss candy corn far too much. The cat thanked the humans for making the little witch happy, and the skeleton grumbled that she was being too loud for him to nap any more. The cat kindly opened the way and allowed the youths to leave the realm and return to the castle. He told them that if they continued walking to the other end of the corridor, they would find a library which may or may not have something of great interest to them. The youngsters continued forward and entered the door at the end of the corridor as the cat had told them. Worried that their earlier pursuers might still be after them, they quickly shut and locked the door behind them before taking a look around. What they found when they did look around was simply amazing! Books of all kinds, in all languages, everywhere! None of them had ever imagined such a fantastic and wonderful place could exist in this world! Their excitement was somewhat stifled, however, when they noticed an ethereal form floating in the middle of the room. She didn’t seem threatening, but after what they’d seen that night, they were wary… The figure spoke: “I am but a shadow of old times long gone. I watch over this place, as well as I’m able, from ages past and for ages to come. All are welcome here, be you human or no. This haven has something for all, so do not be shy. Explore and find your place, learn and enjoy, relax and be safe. You are my guest while you are here, so stay as long as you wish~” The young adventurers stared in awe at the library and the form of this friendly guardian. They looked around at one another and silently decided that they’d gotten plenty of spooky, scary action, just as they’d hoped (more than they’d hoped, in fact), and that some nice relaxing reading seemed like the perfect activity to end their night. They wandered about and gradually picked out different things to read. One found an intriguing horror story, another a tale of magic and wonder in far-away lands, another settled in with a fairy tale, and the last found a more modern story involving technology. As they read and read in the mystical library, the each eventually drifted off to sleep… The next morning, the intrepid youths awoke in their costumes at the forest’s edge. The castle they’d been in the night before was nowhere to be seen! They wondered if they’d imagined it all… But then they found they still had the books they’d been reading in the castle’s library! Satisfied with their amazing Halloween adventure, they set off on their way home, vowing to remember this forever and hoping to one day find their way back~ Story by: ayne & Melita_H Happy Halloween: Ciel v20 ch20g Platinum Garden v13 ch54 Toshi Densetsu v03 ch12 Yamatonadeshiko Shichihenge v33 ch133 Chronicles of the Grim Peddler v03 ch14 Spam Mail Hunter v08 ch31 P.S.: Please note that downloads will be available in two days. Why? It would be nice if readers spend more time on our site and maybe even participate on our Forum. For now you can read our releases on the reader:
  19. Melita_H

    The Penguin

    Hooray! We are glad to make people smile~
  20. The giant potato is back in town! 8D (And I even went to the effort of walking up to the corner to get a better picture of it this year. :P) http://puu.sh/bajiJ/a648f909f5.JPG

  21. Melita_H

    Bird Feeder Contest

    Good it made it through the rain, at least. XD Hope some birds have used it by now or will use it soon~ Also, a few days late, but... I finally made mine! 8D I got a bit carried away with the multicolored sharpies, so it's different on every side (which means I also got carried away with taking pictures of every side ). I think I may have regressed to age 12 while making this, haha, but oh well, it's pretty and colorful and stuff, I think. And then, right before I was about to post these picture, it occurred to me that birds probably need somewhere to sit while they eat, so I went and grabbed a small piece of wood from the tree out front. 8D I might replace it with a twig perch that's a little longer (and either also put it through the other side so it's more stable or adhere it in some other way), but this was the best one I could reach at the moment. ^^" Now I just need some bird seed and a place to put it.
  22. That is a super tough decision. D: Possibly this one though~ Ummm... now I have to come up with a question, I guess... If you had a pet unicorn, what color would it be? 8D
  23. Melita_H

    Bird Feeder Contest

    It's cute~ Have any birds used it yet? I will try to work on mine tomorrow if I have time~ XD
  24. Your avatar... it makes me hungry. *_*

    1. enchanted


      lol yes cake is yum :3

    2. Melita_H


      And it's such a pretty cake too~ *_*

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