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  1. Volume 5, Chapter 31, Part 1 View File The first like... 47-ish pages of Chapter 31. Honestly it could just end right here and it'd be a nice happy ending, haha, but nope, there are like 25-ish more pages. 8D Anyway, here's something at least. Only took me like a third of a decade... >.> Submitter Melita_H Submitted 11/21/20 Category Proofreading  
  2. Melita_H


    Soon™ I promise. ^^; For real this time. (Really, I have like 15 of the 70 pages left, and there's a typesetter ready to do it after that, so it legitimately shouldn't be super long... at least not another however ridiculously long it's been so far. ^^;;)
  3. Unfortunately the answer is still as above. ^^; If you or anyone you know may be able to join us and help out, please apply!
  4. Closed for now~ Please consider being an editor or translator or quality checker. 8D
  5. Recruitment OPEN! If you can proofread and can be an active member of our staff, please apply~
  6. Those images are from the manga "Rakuen Route". https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=4165 Unfortunately, we dropped it several years ago (due to lack of staff, if I recall). Transient Mirage picked it up for one chapter afterward, but it looks like they didn't continue with it either, sadly. ^^" I don't know what the one described in the second post is though. Sorry. >.<
  7. Closed for now~ We're run out of projects to assign people. We'll reopen recruitment again eventually~
  8. Thanks. We'll try to get that figured out. As I said, I'm not super familiar with Masca, personally, but I'll try to figure it out when I have the time or see if someone else is available to do so. ^^ I can't promise how soon that'll be, but we'll do our best~ XD
  9. @Viz: I responded to your question in the Masca thread. Sorry for the delay. ^^"
  10. Hi, Viz~ Thanks for letting us know. I personally have only worked on one chapter of Masca: The Beginning and am pretty much unfamiliar with the rest. However, most of our other admins/department heads are either busy or away at the moment, so I'm addressing your question for the time being. ^^ We'd like to translate and add those pages in if we missed them, but it would be helpful if you could give is some indication of where they should be (as in, which masca series - the original, The Beginning, or The Kings; which volume; and, if possible, which chapter or a general idea of which page) so our translators will have context and so we'll know where to put them when they're done (since, in all likelihood, if we didn't release them initially, they may have been somehow omitted from our raws). Please let us know that information or just give us a link to where you found the pages you posted here (actually please give us that link anyway so that we might make sure we're not missing anything else). Thanks~
  11. I am so very sorry for all the delays, as they are mostly my fault as the proofreader. >.< I've had an array of personal issues getting in the way and have just kept this on hold for so long. >.< Anyway, I should have the extra at the end of volume 3 finished tonight or tomorrow, and I'll be trying to have the next 2 chapters done over the next week or so. After that it'll be up to editing and QCing, so I can't say how long that will take, but the major thing that's been holding it up (me >.<) is hopefully not going to be doing so anymore. ^^" Again, suuuuper sorry for all the delays, but please wait a bit longer and some chapters should appear. ^^"
  12. Today is World Hypoparathyroidism Awareness Day~ So... awareness and such. 8D Picture: http://puu.sh/i8PqH/cebc05dc0d.jpg Info (I have type 1b of this): http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/124836-overview

  13. As of today, I have been an EF staff member for 3 whole years! :o Many things have happened, and I am eternally grateful for (and to) my EF family. ^_^

  14. The head translator will send you a test. ^^ She's in the UK, so she's likely asleep right now, and I'm not sure if she has to work tomorrow, but you should get your test via private message here on the forum probably sometime tomorrow (though it might be tomorrow evening or even the next day, depending on her schedule). Also, we appreciate your enthusiasm, but please try not to double or triple post like you just did (I consolidated your 3 posts into one). ^^"
  15. Melita_H


    We greatly appreciate the offer, but I believe we've actually got the staff for this particular project pretty set already (something could change in the future, but it's been the same staff for quite a long while, so it'll probably remain so). ^^ However, you could always apply to join the staff and work on other projects, which could potentially take some of the workload from the ones working on Evyione and thus speed up its progress as well. Just visit our recruitment area on the forum. As a side note, it shouldn't be *too* much longer before the first part of chapter 51 is released (probably not more than a couple of weeks would be my guess, depending on how things go).
  16. The giant potato is back in town! 8D (And I even went to the effort of walking up to the corner to get a better picture of it this year. :P) http://puu.sh/bajiJ/a648f909f5.JPG

  17. Good it made it through the rain, at least. XD Hope some birds have used it by now or will use it soon~ Also, a few days late, but... I finally made mine! 8D I got a bit carried away with the multicolored sharpies, so it's different on every side (which means I also got carried away with taking pictures of every side ). I think I may have regressed to age 12 while making this, haha, but oh well, it's pretty and colorful and stuff, I think. And then, right before I was about to post these picture, it occurred to me that birds probably need somewhere to sit while they eat, so I went and grabbed a small piece of wood from the tree out front. 8D I might replace it with a twig perch that's a little longer (and either also put it through the other side so it's more stable or adhere it in some other way), but this was the best one I could reach at the moment. ^^" Now I just need some bird seed and a place to put it.
  18. That is a super tough decision. D: Possibly this one though~ Ummm... now I have to come up with a question, I guess... If you had a pet unicorn, what color would it be? 8D
  19. It's cute~ Have any birds used it yet? I will try to work on mine tomorrow if I have time~ XD
  20. Your avatar... it makes me hungry. *_*

    1. enchanted


      lol yes cake is yum :3

    2. Melita_H


      And it's such a pretty cake too~ *_*

  21. PROOFREADER RECRUITMENT IS NOW CLOSED. That's all, folks~ For now, anyway. XD We will reopen it when we need more proofreaders, whenever that may be~ For those who've already applied, you can still send in your tests or try again if I've given you that option, but no new applicants for now. Thanks for all the applications this time around, and hooray for so many people passing so quickly! I leave you with this fun song about exclamations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jA_w7A7RElY
  22. Yay! I shall remember this time~
  23. I forgot about it! Oh nooooes, I have missed the deadline already... (Though it's still August 9, but I won't have time to make anything today. >.<) Maybe I will make one anyway... just it'll be past the deadline... unlesssssss... we could extend the deadline?
  24. Also, https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=43080 It was completed by another group last year.
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