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  1. I'm gonna cry cause I don't get things done T_T

  2. LOL :3




    Must hurry then for your sake

  3. Thanks! <3


    Regarding pika Ichi, I should have it done tonight once I get home

  4. *hangs head in shame* Yep. I will try to get active again. :)

  5. Ahh, what's wrong with meee... Currently out sick, but I seriously need to finish it. It's like 90% done. Motivation, motivation.

  6. Hey, Neko! <3 I'll be officially returning to daily life tomorrow, so Pika Ichi and everything else I've been skimping on can finally chug along. :)

  7. Heheh thanks, Tail! <3

  8. I'm not sure. I gave it up to Melita to give to whomever. :) I think it's beginning ch. 27

  9. Hey lat <3 Melita told me that the new PRers needed stuff to work on so I offered to give away BSS to one of them. I'm not really feeling the love towards it xD. Heads up!

  10. Lol well then we're on way different times but I'm a night gremlin who never sleeps soooo

  11. Yah I don't know how to comprehend those letters you just typed. XD It's currently almost 11 here or 23:00 if you use the 24 hour time.

  12. I'm awake for like 90% of the day. Lol even if your time zone was the complete polar opposite of mine, we'd probably still be able to communicate. It's actually a serious problem. Why am I not worried? XD

  13. Lol I rarely go on cb. I really should. I'm pretty sure I've recommended it to quite a few people nonetheless xD. Oh well, maybe one of those blue moons I'll go on and we can have a nice lil chat about cats and panda bears, yunno the basic stuff~

  14. Oh then you're super busy! Hope you're enjoying it! :)

  15. Oh! You're fast! I'll have to hurry so I don't pale in comparison! XD Have you found any other projects to PR?

  16. Hey! Welcome to EF! I really actually appreciate your help with Pika Ichi! Thanks! How's PRing?

  17. Cats will take over the world, I tell you.
  18. LOL. Thanks! I pretty much fell in love with it at first sight. <3 Probably stared at it three times as long. xD

  19. Sure, that'll be fine. They'd have to start from ch. 18 though because I've more or less already finished ch.16 and ch. 17, just need to finalize some things and post some MTLs. So, beginning ch. 18, you can just tell me how it's organized from there. :)

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