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  1. hiiii~ do you think you can do some chapters for nocturne soon? We havent released it in ages and id like to this month some time :D thank you!

  2. Kritter! how are you? :D

  3. hey kritter o-o everything okay? You haven't posted anything in over 6 months now :[

  4. cmoon go go go 90% D:


    do you still want to do ch 17? o.O technically ur still assigned it but I'm sure you can ask melita or x5ga to reassign it. maybe elle.bear can do that one? :o

  5. I'm gonna cry cause I don't get things done T_T

  6. Yay go go go ! :3


    *gives cookies to motivate you*

  7. LOL :3




    Must hurry then for your sake

  8. Thanks! <3


    Regarding pika Ichi, I should have it done tonight once I get home

  9. happy birthday kritter! :3

  10. :o You have an interest in pug?! Me, too! Did you know that because of their skull structure, sometimes their eyes will pop out of their sockets? To fix it, you just push their eyes back in :3.




    Ooh, and I'm waiting for Pika Ichi ch. 16 whenever you're finished with PRing it. ^_^

  11. Hey! :D How are you doing? XD

  12. Aww get well soon! D:


    *gives you cookies*

  13. *hangs head in shame* Yep. I will try to get active again. :)

  14. Ahh, what's wrong with meee... Currently out sick, but I seriously need to finish it. It's like 90% done. Motivation, motivation.

  15. Is little Kritter still PR? Such as SKS?

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