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    I love... Manga. Just love it. Currently into Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica, Loveless, Absolute Witch, and many more.

    Fencing. I love fencing! Fencing is my life-- I live and breath it. I had been until just recently on the fencing team at my school, but I've moved so I fence at a club right now. I'm currently trying to train for the Junior Olympics while fencing Epee. I really hope to qualify next year.

    Reading and writing. Those go hand in hand for me. I love reading fantasy, fiction, and science fiction. It makes me so happy! I also love writing that kind of stuff as well. Currently in the middle of a story with dragons! Tee hee! ^_^

    I actually really do enjoy editing work. Like my friend wants to become an author, and sends stuff in for her literary magazine at school, so she first pushes it towards me, and I proofread it. It's.. Fun! Things like this are the only times that I like to use my grammar skills.

    I guess I'll edit later! Bye for now!


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  1. I will get well soon ;) Just give me a bit of time T^T

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