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    I love... Manga. Just love it. Currently into Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Junjou Romantica, Loveless, Absolute Witch, and many more.

    Fencing. I love fencing! Fencing is my life-- I live and breath it. I had been until just recently on the fencing team at my school, but I've moved so I fence at a club right now. I'm currently trying to train for the Junior Olympics while fencing Epee. I really hope to qualify next year.

    Reading and writing. Those go hand in hand for me. I love reading fantasy, fiction, and science fiction. It makes me so happy! I also love writing that kind of stuff as well. Currently in the middle of a story with dragons! Tee hee! ^_^

    I actually really do enjoy editing work. Like my friend wants to become an author, and sends stuff in for her literary magazine at school, so she first pushes it towards me, and I proofread it. It's.. Fun! Things like this are the only times that I like to use my grammar skills.

    I guess I'll edit later! Bye for now!


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  1. lat

    Happy birthday! I know it's been awhile but hope you're having a good day :)

  2. Ne~ I'm back ^^ I missed you, twin ^^ :)


    I'll explain things to you later ^^

  3. ayne

    Can you start pr-ing vol4 of Skyhigh? I'll let Ayu do the last two chaps of vol3. :)

  4. sooruchan~~ I'm fine! well, kinda busy lately... and you're right, it's been so long!! I'm kind of inactive from EF but am coming back slowly. What about you?? How's life going?? XDD

  5. Cellas! ~poke~ Just wondering how you were and such, we haven't spoken in such a long time!

  6. Sitting here, dreading the start of my Senior year of school. Just got my course list and... WHY DID I CHOOSE SUCH HARD CLASSES? WHY? But anyway, I love you guys. You all have been SO supportive.---Also... Eunmii... WHERE ARE YOU?! T_T

    1. lat


      good luck with your classes soul!!! <3 you can do it!!! *victory dance*

    2. Eunmiii


      SOUL ;.;

      I'm BACK!!!! I'll explain things to you later. ;.;

  7. Soul

    That would be fantastic if I could start PRing Skyhigh again. I miss my project... T_T.




    Thank you so much. Sorry I was absent. The RL problems have indeed died down, and I'm ready to come back to work. Ehehe. ^_^

  8. ayne

    Hi, I'm pretty much fine. Great seeing you back again. I hope your rl issues died down, it can be such a pain at times... tehehe ^^'


    Do you want to continue pr-ing Skyhigh? :D I had Ayu take care of the chaps when you were away, so I'll just ask her how far she is and you can take over again. ;)

  9. I have returned from the land of the dead.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Anne


      car crash...? o.o

    3. Soul


      Wow... I feel so loved. Thanks guys. Lat/Anne: Yeah-- Had some serious bruising on my leg, and cuts here and there. But no broken bones or fractures! So I'm relieved. This jerk smashed into my side of the car while we were driving a bit slower in the rain. But we're all alive, so it's okay. Thank you for worrying!

    4. lat


      Ah phew, I'm so glad you're ok >.< *hug* the main thing is that everyone is ok :) but what a jerk that guy sounds! grrrr I wish I could tell him off for being silly and hurting you!! *hmph* but I'm glad your'e back <3

  10. Soul

    Ayne- Just wanted to say hi, and that I'm back. How are you?

  11. Miss you my twin!

  12. ayne

    Hey, Ayu is pr-ing Skyhigh as long as you're away since I have the whole v3 cleaned but no prs 'cept ch9 which is done. Tell me when you're back, ok? :)

  13. I will get well soon ;) Just give me a bit of time T^T

  14. x5ga

    Soul... :3

  15. lat

    awwww I just saw your 'about me' section! XD Thank you sweetie! <3

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