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  1. OMRK Volume 06 Chapter 31 View File Chapter 31 Submitter joopinks Submitted 07/18/21 Category Oh, My Romantic Kumiho  
  2. OMRK Volume 06 Chapter 30 View File OMRK Volume 06 Chapter 30 has been translated Submitter joopinks Submitted 06/25/21 Category Translations  
  3. joopinks


    Cute cat!! Kind of looks like an owl. And one of my best students is names Moka so that made me laugh.
  4. joopinks


    This is what happens when I don't check my e-mail in forever. Iat - I've added you! she-chan - Thanks! I've been away and I need to update it =__+; holania - GG your manga collection!!
  5. Aiming for the 2 next year!! I'm currently a bit below a 3.

  6. Yeah I need to get my studying in gear!! I took a sample test and I'm not at the the level I want to be.

  7. Nothing's wrong with planning ahead!! Those few years will pass in no time. And knowledge of the Japanese language is definitely definitely a must when coming here because, man, you might end up in a total village with zero foreigners besides yourself. Ganbatte!!

  8. joopinks


    Aha it's mostly complaints on limitations with the free account (as in I can't code anything), and sometimes it doesn't post onto my FB. And I accidentally publish drafts I'm working on ALL the time
  9. Good luck!! The paper round is pretty simple. Definitely get back to me if you have any questions!

  10. joopinks


    @lat - Blog +___+ (and watch TB) @x5ga - Yeah I really resent my blog sometimes. I takes so much time to tweak pictures and upload and make my writing appropriately "funny" (but it just ends up sounding like every other voice on the Internet). @AyukawaAine - I learned the hard way to stop posting negative things on the Internet. Long story short, someone read my privated post and it ended up in a huge fight. But as long as you're not silly like me and vent about fights with friends when said friend has your password, it should be all good
  11. Oh I get you. That's exactly what I'm doing here. Taking a break. Also, I definitely recommend JET. The pay is good and it's a really good eye-opener. I would suggest requesting good locations though (ie Fukuoka). Japan's winters are HARSH, and with no insulation or central heating outside of Hokkaido, you're pretty screwed.

  12. Lol I just said that I luckily bypass a lot of duties by being a foreigner. Teaching is fun but can be frustrating because the students here don't really have much interest in English. And some co-teachers have horrendous English because the test to get a license is incredibly east and doesn't involve a speaking portion. I was so into psychology for a while. Why do you regret it?

  13. joopinks


    @Iat - You should start one! I mostly keep mine to keep track of my life and let people back at home know what I've been up to. And TB is so. good. The premiere had one of the hottest Eric moments to date. @Cadice - Link meeee :3
  14. I'm on the JET Program and I'm basically going this to have a break before I start my real life aha. I already recontracted and the pay is pretty decent so I just want to save a lot before I get back to the States. But yeah, Japanese people "gaman" too much and it gets in the way of their comfort/lives. Teachers here work insane hours and have no vacation time but I luckily b...

  15. I'm living in radiation land aka Fukushima teaching English atm. Japan is really lovely but working here is a nightmare. You just see the unproductive, stubborn part of this country and most of the people who have been living here for more than 5 years are bitter as hell. But it all really makes me wonder how this society functions period =__=;; I mean, no insulation in the walls?!

  16. joopinks


    Does anyone here blog at all? I recently started getting into mine again: joopinks I'm a bit frustrated with Wordpress but I'm not sure if it'll be worth it to move platforms. But in any case, people, share your blogs! I need more things on my Reader.
  17. Aha doin' good! Going through a bit of an existentialist 'oh dear God am I really going to spend another year in Japan' moment but fine otherwise. How are you, bb?

  18. Lol sounds good. Sorry I didn't get a chapter in this weekend. The latest Chiro chapter is 62 pages @[email protected]

  19. YAY Chiro sounds good!

  20. OK cool thanks!

  21. LQ raws are fine by me

  22. Happy to be here and to have that project!

  23. Hello! I'm interested in being a Korean translator, particularly for Chiro Star Project. I have experience translating (helped out with Goong the drama and at a few scanlation groups, though I'm most active at Transcendence atm with Bibi and Ryuu no Hanawazurai and Joou no Hana).
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